Marama murdochi, from Marwick (1927).

Belongs within: Veneridae.

Marama is a genus of venerid bivalve recorded from the Miocene to the Pliocene of New Zealand. It contains two subgenera: Marama (Marama) with the left median cardinal tooth joined to the anterior, the right posterior cardinal broad and deeply divided, and the lunule very large and pouting, and Hina with the median and anterior cardinals not joined, th escutcheon well marked, the posterior end abruptly truncated, and the right posterior cardinal much stronger than the median (Marwick 1927).

Characters (from Marwick 1927): Moderate to tubercular anterior lateral tooth in left valve, hinge narrow, marginal crenulations very fine.

<==Marama Marwick 1927 M27
    |--M. (Marama) M27
    |    |--*M. (M.) murdochi Marwick 1927 M27
    |    |--M. (M.) hurupiensis Marwick 1927 M27
    |    |--M. (M.) ovata Marwick 1927 M27
    |    `--M. (M.) pristina Marwick 1927 M27
    `--M. (Hina Marwick 1927) M27
         |--M. (*H.) pinguis Marwick 1927 M27
         |--M. (H.) hendersoni Marwick 1927 M27
         |--M. (H.) mackenziei Marwick 1927 M27
         |--M. (H.) tumida (Marshall 1918) [=Dosinia tumida non Artemis tumida Gray 1838 (not preoc. if dif. gen.)] M27
         |--M. (H.) vaga Marwick 1927 M27
         `--M. (H.) williamsi Marwick 1927 M27

*Type species of generic name indicated


[M27] Marwick, J. 1927. The Veneridae of New Zealand. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 567-636.

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