Periglypta puerpera, from here.

Belongs within: Veneridae.

Periglypta is a genus of venerid bivalves that first appeared in the Oligocene (Cox et al. 1969).

Characters (from Cox et al. 1969): Quadrate, heavy, pallial sinus rounded; sculpture cancellate.

<==Periglypta Jukes-Brown 1914 KS02 [=Cytherea (preoc.) M27]
    |  i. s.: ‘Venus’ anadyomene Anton 1839 [=Cytherea anadyomene] H09
    |         ‘Venus’ calophylla Philippi 1836 [=Cytherea calophylla] H09
    |         ‘Chione’ capricornea Hedley 1908 [=Cytherea capricornea] H09
    |         ‘Venus’ chemnitzii Hanley 1845 [=Cytherea chemnitzii] H09
    |         ‘Chione’ embrithes Melvill & Standen 1899 [=Cytherea embrithes] H09
    |         ‘Venus’ foliacea Philippi 1846 [=Cytherea foliacea] H09
    |         ‘Cytherea’ hebraea Lamarck 1818 LS96 [=Macrocallista hebraea H09]
    |         ‘Venus’ laqueata Sowerby 1853 [=Cytherea laqueata] H09
    |         ‘Venus’ lionota Smith 1885 [=Cytherea lionota] H09
    |         ‘Dosinia’ listeri Gray 1838 [=Cytherea listeri] H09
    |         ‘Venus’ reticulata Linnaeus 1758 [=Cytherea reticulata] H09
    |         ‘Cytherea’ tenuis Hall & Meek 1854 F27
    |         ‘Venus’ tiara Dillwyn 1817 [=Cytherea tiara] H09
    |         ‘Venus’ toreuma Gould 1850 [=Cytherea toreuma] H09
    |         ‘Venus’ torresiana Smith 1884 [=Cytherea torresiana] H09
    |--*P. (Periglypta) puerpera (Linnaeus 1758) KS02 [=Venus puerpera KS02, *Cytherea puerpera M27]
    `--P. (Proxichione Iredale 1929) KS02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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