Lower jaw of Sespedectes stocki, from Novacek (1985).

Belongs within: Lipotyphla.
Contains: Erinaceidae.

The Erinaceomorpha includes the modern hedgehogs (Erinaceidae) and their fossil relatives. Most fossil species are only known from their dentition, which is relatively unspecialised, and the inclusion or otherwise of taxa in this group has often been debated. According to Butler (1988), the earliest erinaceomorphs include Adunator from the Palaeocene of Europe and North America, with Adapisorex and Leipsanolestes also Palaeocene. Most other non-erinaceid erinaceomorphs are Eocene in age, though Ankylodon is Oligocene.

Characters (from Rose 2006): Dental formula; molars low-crowned, bunodont; M1-2 with moderately to well-developed hypocones; fourth premolars premolariform to submolariform.

<==Erinaceomorpha [Erinaceoidea]
    |  i. s.: Neohylomys hainanensis BP87
    |         Talpavoides N85
    |         Opisthopsalis V66
    |         Hyracolestes V66
    |         Praolestes V66
    |         Chambilestes Gheerbrant & Hartenberger 1999 [Chambilestidae] GH99
    |           `--*C. foussanensis Gheerbrant & Hartenberger 1999 GH99
    |--+--Neomatronella N85
    |  `--Adapisorex [Adapisoricidae] B88
    |       `--A. abundans B88
    |--+--Diacodon Cope 1875 B88, C76
    |  |    |--D. alticuspis Cope 1875 C76
    |  |    |--D. celatus Cope 1875 C76
    |  |    `--D. minutus S35
    |  `--Adunator [incl. Diacocherus, Mckennatherium] B88
    |       |--A. ladae B88
    |       |--A. lehmani B88
    |       `--A. minutus B88
    `--+--Leipsanolestes siegfriedti Simpson 1928 B88, S35 [=Leptacodon (Leipsanolestes) siegfriedti S35]
       |--Erinaceidae B88
       `--+--Dartonius B88
          `--+--Talpavus B88
             `--Scenopagidae B88
                  |--Scenopaginae B88
                  |    |--Scenopagus McKenna & Simpson 1959 M60
                  |    |    |--S. curtidens GH99
                  |    |    |--S. edenensis B88
                  |    |    `--S. mcgrewi M60
                  |    |--Ankylodon B88
                  |    |    |--A. annectens Patterson & McGrew 1937 M60
                  |    |    `--A. progressus Galbreath 1953 M60
                  |    `--Embassis Cope 1873 M60
                  |         `--*E. alternans Cope 1873 M60
                  `--Sespedectinae B88
                       |--Crypholestes Novacek 1976 N85
                       |    `--*C. vaughni Novacek 1976 N85
                       `--+--Proterixoides Stock 1935 N85
                          |    `--*P. davisi Stock 1935 N85
                          `--Sespedectes Stock 1935 N85
                               |--*S. singularis Stock 1935 N85
                               `--S. stocki Novacek 1985 N85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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