Chione cancellata, photographed by Edward T. Babinski.

Belongs within: Veneridae.

Chione is a genus of venerid bivalves found in the Americas and the South Pacific, with the earliest records from the Oligocene (Cox et al. 1969).

Characters (from Cox et al. 1969): Cordate; lunule and escutcheon mostly well-defined; concentric sculpture strong, frilled in some forms.

<==Chione Megerle 1811 M27
    |--*C. cancellata M27
    |--C. californiensis M27
    |--C. (Timoclea) concinna Viader 1951 L96
    |--C. costellifera (Adams 1850) [=Venus costellifera] H09
    |--C. dysera F66
    |--C. fluctifraga M27
    |--C. gayi M27
    |--C. halli Pritchard 1895 F27
    |--C. infans Smith 1885 H09
    |--C. latilirata GS79
    |--C. marica (Linnaeus 1758) [=Venus marica] H09
    |--C. martini Finlay 1927 [=Venus pulcherrima Martin 1883 non Deshayes 1860] H09
    |--C. nuttalli M27
    |--C. phoenicopterus (Romer 1869) [=Caryatis phoenicopterus] H09
    |--C. recognita (Smith 1885) [=Venus recognita] H09
    |--C. regularis (Smith 1885) [=Cytherea regularis] H09
    |--C. roberti Pritchard 1906 [=C. halli Tate 1900 non Pritchard 1895] F27
    |--C. scabra (Hanley 1845) [=Venus scabra] H09
    |--C. semperi Dunker 1871 H09
    |--C. similicentrifuga Viader 1951 L96
    |--C. subnodulosa (Hanley 1845) [=Venus subnodulosa] H09
    |--C. torresica Reeve 1863 H09
    `--C. undulosa (Lamarck 1819) [=Venus undulosa] H09

Nomen nudum: Chione multitaeniata Tate 1893 F27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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