Ringed dosinia Dosinia anus, photographed by Graham Bould.

Belongs within: Veneridae.

Dosinia is a large genus of infaunal bivalves found worldwide. The first members of the genus appeared in the Lower Eocene (Cox et al. 1969).

Characters (from Cox et al. 1969): Equivalve, compressed, nearly orbicular, concentrically striate; lunule well defined; hinge strong, with AII present.

<==Dosinia Scopoli 1777 M27
    |  i. s.: D. amphidesmoides (Reeve 1850) [=Artemis amphidesmoides] H09
    |         D. brasiliensis White 1888 M27
    |         D. caerulea (Reeve 1850) F27 [=Artemis caerulea H09, Dosinorbis caerulea M27]
    |         D. deshayesii Adams 1856 H09
    |         D. exasperata (Philippi 1847) [=Cytherea exasperata] H09
    |         D. exoleta M62
    |         D. histrio (Gmelin 1791) [=Venus histrio] H09
    |         D. miticula Viader 1951 L96
    |         D. nobilis Deshayes 1853 H09
    |         D. sculpta (Hanley 1856) [=Artemis sculpta] H09
    |         D. tumida (Gray 1838) [=Artemis tumida] H09
    |--D. (Dosinia) M27
    |    |--*D. (D.) africana M27
    |    |--D. (D.) lambata (Gould 1850) M27
    |    `--D. (D.) lupina M27
    |--D. (Austrodosinia Dall 1902) M27
    |    |--D. (*A.) anus (Philippi 1848) [=Cytherea anus] M27
    |    |--D. (A.) horrida Marwick 1927 M27
    |    |--D. (A.) kaawaensis Marwick 1927 M27
    |    |--D. (A.) magna Hutton 1873 M27
    |    `--D. (A.) waitakiensis Marwick 1927 M27
    |--D. (Kakahuia Marwick 1927) M27
    |    `--D. (*K.) suteri Marwick 1927 M27
    |--D. (Kereia Marwick 1927) M27
    |    |--D. (*K.) greyi Zittel 1864 [=D. (Dosinisca) greyi] M27
    |    |--D. (K.) cottoni Marwick 1927 M27
    |    |--D. (K.) densicosta Marwick 1927 M27
    |    |--D. (K.) mackayi Marwick 1927 M27
    |    |--D. (K.) ongleyi Marwick 1927 M27
    |    |--D. (K.) perplexa Marwick 1927 M27
    |    `--D. (K.) waiparaensis Marwick 1927 M27
    |--D. (Phacosoma Jukes-Browne 1912) M27
    |    |--D. (*P.) japonica [=Artemis japonica] M27
    |    |--D. (P.) maoriana Oliver 1923 M27
    |    |--D. (P.) subrosea (Gray 1835) [=D. (Austrodosinia) subrosea, Dosinorbis subrosea] M27
    |    |--D. (P.) troscheli M27
    |    `--D. (P.) wanganuiensis Marwick 1927 M27
    `--D. (Raina Marwick 1927) M27
         |--D. (*R.) bensoni Marwick 1927 M27
         |--D. (R.) nukumaruensis Marwick 1927 M27
         |--D. (R.) paparoaensis Marwick 1927 M27
         `--D. (R.) waipipiensis Marwick 1927 M27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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