Lioconcha (Lioconcha) castrensis, photographed by Guido & Philippe Poppe.

Belongs within: Veneridae.

Lioconcha is a genus of venerid bivalves found in the tropical Pacific and East Indies, with a fossil record dating to the Pliocene. It is divided between two subgenera, Lioconcha (Lioconcha) with a smooth shell surface with zigzag streaks or spots, and Sulcilioconcha with concentric ribs (Cox et al. 1969).

Characters (from Cox et al. 1969): Hinge strong, resembling Pitar; lunule present; pallial sinus shallow.

    |  i. s.: L. dautzenbergi LS96
    |         L. fastigiata (Sowerby 1851) [=Cytherea fastigiata] H09
    |         L. tigrina (Lamarck 1816) BW09
    |--L. (Lioconcha) LS96
    |    |--L. (L.) annettae Lamprell & Whitehead 1990 LS96
    |    |--L. (L.) castrensis (Linnaeus 1758) (see below for synonymy) LS96
    |    |--L. (L.) ornata (Dillwyn 1817) [=Venus ornata; incl. Cytherea picta Lamarck 1818] LS96
    |    `--L. (L.) polita (Röding 1798) [=Venus polita; incl. Cytherea sulcatina Lamarck 1818] LS96
    `--L. (Sulcilioconcha) LS96
         |--L. (S.) melharteae Lamprell & Stanisic 1996 LS96
         |--L. (S.) philippinarum (Hanley 1844) [=Cytherea philippinarum] LS96
         `--L. (S.) richerdeforgesi Lamprell & Stanisic 1996 LS96

Lioconcha (Lioconcha) castrensis (Linnaeus 1758) [=Venus castrensis; incl. Cytherea ornata Lamarck 1818 non Dillwyn 1817] LS96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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