Sulawesi palm civet Macrogalidia musschenbroekii, photographed by Alain Compost.

Belongs within: Carnivora.
Contains: Felidae, Herpestidae, Hyaenidae, Viverrinae.

The Aeluroidea are the crown group of the feliform ('cat-line') carnivorans. As well as the cats themselves, they also include such animals as hyaenas, mongooses and civets. Recent studies agree that the 'Viverridae' as recognised in the past are poly- or paraphyletic, with the African palm civet Nandinia binotata the sister taxon to other living aeluroids.

Characters (from Flynn et al. 1988): Auditory bulla double-chambered, divided by bilaminar septum; paroccipital process short, broadened, cupping caudal ectotympanic; posterior opening of carotid canal farther anterior to posterior lacerate foramen; postglenoid foramen absent; alisphenoid canal absent; baculum small or absent; P4 with large parastyle and deep, narrow carnassial notch; third upper and lower molars lost; M2 reduced, simple; M2 with talonid extremely elongate, hypoconulid larger than or equal to hypoconid.

<==Aeluroidea [Feloidea, Viverridae] FNT88
    |  i. s.: Proailurus FNT88
    |--Nandinia [Nandiniinae] YB03
    |    `--N. binotata YB03
    `--+--Felidae YB03
       `--+--+--Herpestidae YB03
          |  `--Hyaenidae YB03
          `--+--Viverrinae YB03
             `--+--Hemigalinae WW84
                |    |--Diplogale hosei WW84
                |    |--Chrotogale owstonii WW84
                |    |--Hemigalus YB03
                |    |    |--H. derbyanus YB03
                |    |    `--H. hosei WW84
                |    `--Cynogale WW84
                |         |--C. bennettii WW84
                |         `--C. lowei WW84
                `--Paradoxurinae WW84
                     |--Paguma larvata Hamilton-Smith 1827 WW84, M76
                     |--Arctictis binturong WW84
                     |--Macrogalidia musschenbroekii WW84
                     |--Arctogalidia trivirgata WW84
                     `--Paradoxurus YB03
                          |--P. hermaphroditus (Pallas 1777) K92
                          |--P. jerdoni WW84
                          `--P. zeylonensis WW84

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FNT88] Flynn, J. J., N. A. Neff & R. H. Tedford. 1988. Phylogeny of the Carnivora. In The Phylogeny and Classification of the Tetrapods, vol. 2. Mammals (M. J. Benton, ed.) pp. 73-116. Clarendon Press: Oxford.

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[YB03] Yoder, A. D., M. M. Burns, S. Zehr, T. Delefosse, G. Veron, S. M. Goodman & J. J. Flynn. 2003. Single origin of Malagasy Carnivora from an African ancestor. Nature 421: 734-737.

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