Sulawesi palm civet Macrogalidia musschenbroekii, photographed by Alain Compost.

Belongs within: Carnivora.
Contains: Felidae, Hyaenidae, Herpestidae, Viverrinae.

The Aeluroidea are the crown group of the feliform ('cat-line') carnivorans. As well as the cats themselves, they also include such animals as hyaenas, mongooses and civets. Recent studies agree that the 'Viverridae' as recognised in the past are poly- or paraphyletic, with the African palm civet Nandinia binotata the sister taxon to other living aeluroids. The Asiatic linsangs of the genus Prionodon, small, long-bodied carnivorans patterned with large spots often coalescing into bands, are now placed as the sister group to cats in the Felidae.

Characters (from Flynn et al. 1988): Auditory bulla double-chambered, divided by bilaminar septum; paroccipital process short, broadened, cupping caudal ectotympanic; posterior opening of carotid canal farther anterior to posterior lacerate foramen; postglenoid foramen absent; alisphenoid canal absent; baculum small or absent; P4 with large parastyle and deep, narrow carnassial notch; third upper and lower molars lost; M2 reduced, simple; M2 with talonid extremely elongate, hypoconulid larger than or equal to hypoconid.

<==Aeluroidea [Feloidea] FNT88
    |--Nandinia [Nandiniidae, Nandiniinae] FS15
    |    `--N. binotata FS15
    `--+--+--+--Felidae FS15
       |  |  `--Stenogale Schlosser 1887 MJ11, SM93
       |  |       `--S. julieni MJ11
       |  `--+--Palaeoprionodon Filhol 1880 MJ11, SM93
       |     `--Prionodon Horsfield 1822 C84 [Prionodontidae FS15]
       |          |--P. linsang FS15
       |          `--P. pardicolor FS15
       `--+--Herpestoidea MJ11
          |    |--Hyaenidae FS15
          |    `--+--Herpestidae FS15
          |       `--Eupleridae FS15
          |            |--+--Fossa [Fossinae] FS15
          |            |  |    `--F. fossana FS15
          |            |  `--Eupleres [Euplerinae] FS15
          |            |       `--E. goudotii FS15
          |            |            |--E. g. goudotii BP87
          |            |            `--E. g. major BP87
          |            `--+--Cryptoprocta [Cryptoproctidae, Cryptoproctinae] FS15
          |               |    |--C. ferox FS15
          |               |    `--C. spelea Lamberton 1939 S78
          |               `--Galidiinae RW84
          |                    |--Galidia elegans FS15
          |                    `--+--+--Salanoia concolor FS15
          |                       |  `--Mungotictis decemlineata FS15
          |                       `--Galidictis FS15
          |                            |--G. fasciata FS15
          |                            |--G. grandidieri FS15
          |                            `--G. striata S66
          `--Viverridae FS15
               |  i. s.: Hemigalea Blainville 1837 C84
               |         Stenoplesictis Filhol 1880 SM93
               |           `--S. cayluxi Fischer 1983 F91
               |--Viverrinae FS15
               `--+--Paradoxurinae WW84
                  |    |--Arctogalidia trivirgata FS15
                  |    `--+--Arctictis binturong FS15
                  |       `--+--Paguma larvata Hamilton-Smith 1827 FS15, M76
                  |          `--+--Macrogalidia musschenbroekii FS15
                  |             `--Paradoxurus FS15
                  |                  |--P. hermaphroditus (Pallas 1777) FS15, K92
                  |                  `--+--P. jerdoni FS15
                  |                     `--P. zeylonensis FS15
                  `--Hemigalinae WW84
                       |--Cynogale FS15
                       |    |--C. bennettii FS15
                       |    `--C. lowei WW84
                       `--+--Chrotogale owstonii FS15
                          `--+--Diplogale hosei FS15
                             `--Hemigalus Jourdan 1837 FS15, C84
                                  |--H. derbyanus FS15
                                  |--H. hardwickei B46
                                  `--H. hosei WW84

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 19 March 2022.

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