Jelly lichen Leptogium cyanescens, from here.

Belongs within: Lecanoromycetidae.

The Collematineae are a clade of mostly cyanobacterium-associated lichenised fungi. Most species of Collematineae have gelatinous or homoiomerous fruiting bodies (Miadlikowska & Lutzoni 2004).

Characters (from Miadlikowska & Lutzoni 2004): Lichen-forming ascomycetes. Mostly bipartite with cyanobacteria, rarely tripartite. Thalli non- or gelatinous, squamulose, foliose, or subfruticose, rarely crustose; homoiomerous or heteromerous. Cortex present on both sides of the thallus or lower side ecorticated and sometimes with dark prothallus. Vegetative propagules (soredia, isidia, or phyllidia) common. Apothecia immersed or sessile; lecideine, biatorine, or lecanorine. Paraphyses simple or branched, sometimes strongly gelatinous. Ascospores aseptate, one- to multiseptate, or muriform, colorless. Asci with an amyloid external wall layer, I+ blue. Secondary substances uncommon or absent.

    |--Pannariaceae ML04
    |    |--Degelia EB03
    |    |--Erioderma EB03
    |    |--Fuscoderma EB03
    |    |--Fuscopannaria EB03
    |    |--Leioderma EB03
    |    |--Moelleropsis humida EB03, ML04
    |    |--Pannaria conoplea ML04
    |    |--Parmeliella atlantica EB03, RS99
    |    |--Psoroma hypnorum ML04
    |    |--Psoromidium EB03
    |    |--Santessoniella EB03
    |    `--Siphulastrum ML04
    `--+--Placynthiaceae ML04
       |    |--Hertella EB03
       |    |--Koerberia EB03
       |    |--Leptochidium EB03
       |    |--Placynthiopsis EB03
       |    |--Placynthium nigrum ML04
       |    |--Polychidium EB03
       |    `--Vestergrenopsis EB03
       `--Collemataceae ML04
            |--Homothecium EB03
            |--Leciophysma EB03
            |--Leightoniella EB03
            |--Physma EB03
            |--Ramalodium EB03
            |--Staurolemma EB03
            |--Collema flaccidum ML04
            `--Leptogium ML04 [incl. Pericoccis Clements in Clements & Shear 1931 RS99]
                 |--L. azureum J87
                 |--L. cyanescens ML04
                 |--L. gelatinosum ML04
                 `--‘Hypocrea’ leptogiicola Cooke & Massee 1890 (see below for synonymy) RS99

‘Hypocrea’ leptogiicola Cooke & Massee 1890 [=Broomella leptogiicola (Cooke & Massee) Saccardo 1891, B. lichenicola (l. c.), *Pericoccis leptogiicola (Cooke & Massee) Clements in Clements & Shear 1931] RS99

*Type species of generic name indicated


[EB03] Eriksson, O. E., H. O. Barah, R. S. Currah, K. Hansen, C. P. Kurtzman, G. Rambold & T. Laess√łe (eds.) 2003. Outline of Ascomycota – 2003. Myconet 9: 1-89.

[J87] Judd, W. S. 1987. Floristic study of Morne La Visite and Pic Macaya National Parks, Haiti. Bulletin of the Florida State Museum – Biological Sciences 32 (1): 1-136.

[ML04] Miadlikowska, J., & F. Lutzoni. 2004. Phylogenetic classification of peltigeralean fungi (Peltigerales, Ascomycota) based on ribosomal RNA small and large subunits. American Journal of Botany 91 (3): 449-464.

[RS99] Rossman, A. Y., G. J. Samuels, C. T. Rogerson & R. Lowen. 1999. Genera of Bionectriaceae, Hypocreaceae and Nectriaceae (Hypocreales, Ascomycetes). Studies in Mycology 42: 1-248.

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