Crepidotus mollis, from here.

Belongs within: Homobasidiomycetes.
Contains: Tricholomataceae, Amanita, Psathyrellaceae, Agaricaceae, Cortinariaceae.

The Agaricales are a clade within the basidiomycetes identified by molecular analyses, but which lack clear morphological synapomorphies. The majority of Agaricales produce gilled fruiting bodies (the classic 'mushroom'), but a number of subgroups produce different fruiting forms, such as various gasteroid taxa.

    |--+--+--Tricholomataceae BH05
    |  |  `--+--Clitopilus prunulus BH05 [=Agaricus prunulus RV01]
    |  |     `--+--+--Ossicaulis lignatilis BH05
    |  |        |  `--‘Tricholoma’ giganteum BH05
    |  |        `--Entoloma BH05
    |  |             |--E. odorifer BH05
    |  |             `--E. strictius BH05
    |  `--+--+--‘Clitocybe’ clavipes BH05
    |     |  `--Limnoperdon incarnatum BH05
    |     `--+--‘Clitocybe’ lateritia BH05
    |        `--+--Limacella glioderma BH05
    |           `--+--+--Amanita BH05
    |              |  `--Limacella glischra BH05
    |              `--Pluteus BH05
    |                   |--P. petasatus BH02
    |                   |--P. primus BH05
    |                   `--P. romellii JK06
    `--+--+--+--Callistosporium luteoolivaceum BH05
       |  |  `--Nidulariales BB02
       |  |       |--Crucibulum laeve BH05
       |  |       |--Cyathus striatus BH05
       |  |       `--Nidularia emodensis J87
       |  `--+--Laccaria BH05
       |     |    |--L. bicolor BH05
       |     |    `--+--L. amethystina BH05
       |     |       `--L. pumila BH05
       |     `--+--‘Cortinarius’ iodes BH05
       |        `--+--Rozites caperatus BH05
       |           `--+--Dermocybe marylandensis BH05
       |              `--‘Cortinarius’ bolaris BH05
       `--+--+--Psathyrellaceae BH05
          |  `--+--Agaricaceae BH05
          |     `--Tulostoma [Tulostomatales] BH05
          |          |--T. brumale HB02
          |          `--T. macrocephala BH05
          `--+--Cortinariaceae BH05
             `--+--Ripartitella brasiliensis BH05
                `--+--+--Bolbitius Fries 1838 BH05, RV01
                   |  |    `--B. vitellinus BH05
                   |  `--Conocybe rickenii BH05
                   `--+--+--Panaeolina foenisecii BH05
                      |  `--+--Anellaria semiovata BH05
                      |     `--Panaeolus acuminatus BH05
                      `--+--Inocybe BH05
                         |    |--I. cervicolor BH05
                         |    `--I. geophylla BH05
                         `--Crepidotus BH05
                              |--C. variabilis BH05
                              `--+--C. inhonestus BH05
                                 `--C. mollis BH05

Agaricales incertae sedis:
  Hymenogaster [Hymenogastraceae, Hymenogastrales] BB02
    |--H. decorus BB02
    |--H. olivaceus BB02
    |--H. sublilacinus BB02
    |--H. tener BB02
    `--H. vulgaris BB02
  Aureofungus Hibbett, Binder & Wang 2003 HBW03
    `--*A. yaniguaensis Hibbett, Binder & Wang 2003 HBW03
  ‘Agaricus’ extinctorius Linnaeus 1753 (n. d.) [=Prunulus extinctorius (Linnaeus) Gray 1821] RV01
  anam. Ozonium Link 1809 RV01
    `--anam. *Ozonium auricomium Link 1809 RV01
  ‘Coprinopsis’ Beeli 1929 non Karsten 1881 RV01
    `--*C. ealaensis Beeli 1929 RV01
  Clavaria [Clavariaceae] JK06
    `--C. zollingeri JK06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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