Linyphia triangularis, copyright Gail Hampshire.

Belongs within: Linyphiidae.

Linyphia is a Palaearctic genus of small spiders in which the male palp has an inconspicuous embolus when unextended and a spirally coiled terminal apophysis.

<==Linyphia Latreille 1804 [Linyphieae] W76
    |--*L. triangularis (Clerck 1757) SC97 [=Araneus triangularis C01, Epeira (Linyphia) triangularis G20]
    |--L. albiapiata Urquhart 1891 (n. d.) PVD10
    |--L. aucklandensis Forster 1964 [=L. campbellensis (l. c.)] F64
    |--L. cruentum Urquhart 1891 (n. d.) PVD10
    |--L. fastuosa Lucas 1846 E12
    |--L. gibbosa Lucas 1846 E12
    |--L. javensis Doleschall 1859 D59
    |--L. litigiosa E95
    |--L. marginata K01
    |--L. montana [=Aranea montana] C01
    |--L. multicolor Urquhart 1891 (n. d.) PVD10
    |--L. oblonga Koch & Berendt 1854 S93
    |--L. pallipes Lucas 1846 E12
    |--L. pellos Urquhart 1891 (n. d.) PVD10
    `--L. setosa Forster 1964 F64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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