Hapona otagoa, from Forster (1970).

Belongs within: Desidae.

Hapona is a New Zealand genus of small spiders found primarily in association with damp undergrowth in forests, particularly ferns.

<==Hapona Forster 1970 PVD10
    |--*H. otagoa (Forster 1964) PVD10
    |--H. amira Forster 1970 PVD10
    |--H. aucklandensis (Forster 1964) PVD10
    |--H. crypta (Forster 1964) PVD10
    |--H. insula (Forster 1964) PVD10
    |--H. marplesi (Forster 1964) PVD10
    |--H. moana Forster 1970 PVD10
    |--H. momona Forster 1970 PVD10
    |--H. muscicola (Forster 1964) PVD10 [=Toxopsiella muscicola NS00]
    |--H. paihia Forster 1970 PVD10
    |--H. reinga Forster 1970 PVD10
    |--H. salmoni (Forster 1964) PVD10
    `--H. tararua Forster 1970 PVD10

*Type species of generic name indicated


[NS00] Nicholls, D. C., P. J. Sirvid, S. D. Pollard & M. Walker. 2000. A list of arachnid primary types held in Canterbury Museum. Records of the Canterbury Museum 14: 37–48.

[PVD10] Paquin, P., C. J. Vink & N. Dupérré. 2010. Spiders of New Zealand: annotated family key and species list. Manaaki Whenua Press: Lincoln (New Zealand).

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