Haplinis exigua, copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

Belongs within: Linyphiidae.

Haplinis is an Australian genus of small spiders in which the male palp bears a long filiform or spiniform embolus that forms a loop lying in part outside the cymbium.

<==Haplinis Simon 1894 PVD10
    |--*H. subclathrata Simon 1894 PVD10
    |--H. abbreviata (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. alticola Blest & Vink 2002 PVD10
    |--H. anomala Blest & Vink 2003 PVD10
    |--H. antipodiana Blest & Vink 2002 PVD10
    |--H. attenuata Blest & Vink 2002 PVD10
    |--H. australis Blest & Vink 2003 PVD10
    |--H. banksi (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. brevipes (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. chiltoni (Hogg 1911) PVD10
    |--H. contorta (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. diloris (Urquhart 1886) PVD10
    |--H. dunstani (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. exigua Blest & Vink 2002 PVD10
    |--H. fluviatilis (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. fucatinia (Urquhart 1894) PVD10
    |--H. fulvolineata Blest & Vink 2002 PVD10
    |--H. horningi (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. inexacta (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. innotabilis (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. insignis (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. major (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. marplesi Blest & Vink 2003 PVD10
    |--H. minutissima (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. morainicola Blest & Vink 2002 PVD10
    |--H. mundenia (Urquhart 1894) PVD10
    |--H. paradoxa (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. redacta (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. rufocephala (Urquhart 1888) PVD10
    |--H. rupicola Blest 1979 PVD10
    |--H. silvicola (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. similis (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. subdola (Pickard-Cambridge 1879) PVD10
    |--H. subtilis Blest & Vink 2002 PVD10
    |--H. taranakii (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. tegulata (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. titan (Blest 1979) PVD10
    |--H. tokaanuae Blest & Vink 2002 PVD10
    `--H. wairarapa Blest & Vink 2002 PVD10

*Type species of generic name indicated


[PVD10] Paquin, P., C. J. Vink & N. Dupérré. 2010. Spiders of New Zealand: annotated family key and species list. Manaaki Whenua Press: Lincoln (New Zealand).

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