Aglaja ocelligera, copyright Gustav Paulay.

Belongs within: Euopisthobranchia.

The Aglajidae are a cosmopolitan group of headshield slugs in which the shell is internal, reduced and often not calcified, and the visceral shield is posteriorly extended into swallowtail-like lobes.

<==Aglajidae [Sinistrobranchia, Sinistrobranchidae] BR17
    |--Posterobranchaea BR05
    |--Doridium Meckel 1809 [Doridiidae, Doridiina, Doridiinae] BR05
    |    `--*D. membranaceum Meckel 1809 BR17 [=Aglaja membranacea O27]
    |--Navanax Pilsbry 1895 O27
    |    `--*N. inermis Cooper 1862 O27
    |--Acera Cuvier 1810 (nom. rej.) BR17
    |    `--*A. carnosa Cuvier 1810 BR17
    |--Chelidonura Adams 1850 [Chelidonuridae] BR05
    |    |--*C. hirundinina (Quoy & Gaimard 1833) [=Bulla hirundinina] BR17
    |    |--C. amoena Bergh 1905 BW09
    |    `--C. inermis (Cooper 1863) PP78
    |--Philinopsis BW09
    |    |--P. pilsbryi (Eliot 1900) BW09
    |    |--P. reticulata (Eliot 1903) BW09
    |    `--P. taronga [incl. Chelidonura aureopunctula] HS01
    `--Aglaja Renier 1807 BR05
         |--*A. tricolorata Renier 1807 BR17
         |--A. adellae Dall 1894 O27
         |--A. cylindrica (Cheeseman 1881) P61
         |--A. diomedia Bergh 1894 O27
         |--A. marmorata (Smith 1884) [=Doridium marmoratum] H09
         |--A. ocelligera (Bergh 1894) [=Doridium ocelligerum] O27
         `--A. purpurea Bergh 1894 O27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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