Helicophagella melanura, copyright Jinsuk Kim.

Belongs within: Sarcophaginae.
Contains: Neosarcophaga, Robineauella, Sarcophaga.

The Sarcophagini are a group of flesh flies bearing long hairs on the arista (Shewell 1987).

Characters (from Shewell 1987, as Sarcophagini + Parasarcophagini): Arista long plumose, longest rays at least as long as width of first flagellomere. Frontal rows of setae abruptly divergent at antennae. Hairs on upper part of parafacial either scattered or in single row close to eye (if latter, then gena entirely pale-haired). Prosternum narrow. Postalar wall haired in middle. Costal spine absent. Coxopleural streak absent. Cephalopharyngeal skeleton of first-instar larva with two mandibular hooks.

<==Sarcophagini [Parasarcophagini] S87
    |--Helicophagella Enderlein 1928 [Helicophagellina] F92
    |    |--*H. noverca (Rondani 1860) [=Sarcophaga noverca] F92
    |    |--H. maculata (Meigen 1835) [=Sarcophaga maculata] F92
    |    |--H. melanura (Meigen 1826) [=Sarcophaga melanura] F92
    |    `--H. rohdendorfi (Grunin 1964) [=Bellieria rohdendorfi] F92
    |--+--Harpagophalla Rohdendorf 1937 [Harpagophallina] F92
    |  |    `--H. kempi (Senior-White 1924) (see below for synonymy) F92
    |  `--+--Xanthopteriscina F92
    |     `--Sarcophaga F92
    `--+--Leucomyia Brauer & Bergenstamm 1891 [Leucomyiina] F92
       |    `--L. cinerea (Fabricius 1794) [=Musca cinerea; incl. Sarcophila alba Schiner 1868, *Leucomyia alba] F92
       |         |--L. c. cinerea F92
       |         `--L. c. dukoica Zhang & Chao 1978 F92
       `--+--Kozlovea Rohdendorf 1937 [Kozloveina] F92
          |    |--K. lopesi F92
          |    `--K. tshernovi F92
          `--+--Erwinlindneriina F92
             `--Phytosarcophagina F92

Sarcophagini incertae sedis:
  Neosarcophaga S87
  Tolucamyia sigilla S87
  Bercaeopsis S87
  Robineauella F92
  Euboettcheria volucris S87
  Paraphrissopoda S87
  Wohlfahrtiopsis utilis S87
  Neobellieria [incl. Robackina Lopes 1975, Sapromyia Roback 1954] S87
    `--N. bullata S87
  Sarcotachinella Townsend 1892 F92
    `--S. sinuata (Meigen 1826) [=Sarcophaga sinuata; incl. *Sarcotachinella intermedia Townsend 1892] F92
  Pandelleana Rohdendorf 1937 F92
    |--*P. protuberans (Pandellé 1896) [=Sarcophaga protuberans] F92
    |    |--P. p. protuberans F92
    |    `--P. p. shantungensis Yeh 1964 F92
    `--P. andaluciana Lehrer 2004 F05
  Tuberomembrana Fan 1981 F92
    `--*T. xizangensis Fan 1981 F92
  Dinemomyia Chen 1975 F92
    `--*D. nigribasicosta Chen 1975 [incl. Pierretia melania Shinonaga & Tumrasvin 1979] F92
  Burmanomyia Fan 1964 F92
    |--*B. beesoni (Senior-White 1924) [=Sarcophaga beesoni] F92
    `--B. pattoni (Senior-White 1924) [=Sarcophaga pattoni; incl. S. pilipleuris Salem 1945] F92
  Phallosphaera Rohdendorf 1938 F92
    |--*P. (Phallosphaera) konakovi Rohdendorf 1938 [incl. Sarcophaga shiroganensis Kano & Okazaki 1956] F92
    `--P. (Yunnanomyia Fan 194) F92
         |--P. (Y.) amica Ma 1964 F92
         `--P. (Y.) gravelyi (Senior-White 1924) (see below for synonymy) F92
  Kramerea Rohdendorf 1937 F92
    `--*K. schuetzei (Kramer 1909) [=Sarcophaga schuetzei] F92
  Sinonipponia Rohdendorf 1959 F92
    |--S. hervebazini (Séguy 1934) (see below for synonymy) F92
    |--S. concreata (Séguy 1934) [=Sarcophaga concreata] F92
    |--S. hainanensis (Ho 1936) [=Sarcophaga hainanensis] F92
    `--S. musashinensis (Kano & Okazaki 1956) [=Sarcophaga musashinensis] F92
  Takanoa Rohdendorf 1965 F92
    `--T. hakusana F92
  Fengia Rohdendorf 1964 F92
    `--*F. ostindicae (Senior-White 1924) [=Sarcophaga ostindicae] F92
  Horiisca Rohdendorf 1965 F92
    `--*H. hozawai (Hori 1954) [=Sarcophaga hozawai] F92
  Alisarcophaga Fan & Chen 1981 F92
    `--A. gressitti F92
  Horia Kano et al. 1967 F92
    `--*H. oitana (Hori 1955) [=Sarcophaga oitana] F92
  Hoa Rohdendorf 1937 F92
    `--*H. flexuosa (Ho 1934) [=Sarcophaga flexuosa] F92
  Iranihindia Rohdendorf 1961 F92
    |--*I. futilis (Senior-White 1924) [=Sarcophaga futilis] F92
    `--I. spinosa Li, Ye & Liu 1985 F92
  Hosarcophaga Shinonaga & Tumrasvin 1979 F92
    `--*H. serrata (Ho 1938) F92
  Phallocheira Rohdendorf 1937 F92
    `--*P. minor Rohdendorf 1937 F92
  Pterosarcophaga Ye 1981 F92
    `--*P. emeishanensis Ye 1981 F92
  Kanomyia Shinonaga & Tumrasvin 1979 F92
    `--*K. bangkokensis Shinonaga & Tumrasvin 1979 F92
  Chrysosarcophaga Townsend 1932 F92

Harpagophalla kempi (Senior-White 1924) [=Sarcophaga kempi; incl. S. (Thyrsocnema) kempioides Baranov 1931, S. sera Rohdendorf 1930, *Harpagophalla sera] F92

Phallosphaera (Yunnanomyia) gravelyi (Senior-White 1924) [=Sarcophaga gravelyi; incl. S. formosana Senior-White 1924, S. kinoshitai Hori 1954, S. longicornis Boettcher 1912 non Macquart 1843] F92

Sinonipponia hervebazini (Séguy 1934) [=Sarcophaga hervebazini; incl. Sa. erecta Ho 1934 non Engel 1924, *Sinonipponia erecta] F92

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F92] Fan Z. 1992. Key to the Common Flies of China 2nd ed. Science Press: Beijing.

[F05] Fernández, J. 2005. Noticia de nuevos táxones para la ciencia en el ámbito Íbero-Balear y Macaronésico. Nuevos táxones animales descritos en la península Ibérica y Macaronesia desde 1994 (IX). Graellsia 61 (2): 261–282.

[S87] Shewell, G. E. 1987. Sarcophagidae. In: McAlpine, J. F. (ed.) Manual of Nearctic Diptera vol. 2 pp. 1159–1186. Research Branch, Agriculture Canada.

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