Yellow-faced blow fly Cynomya mortuorum, copyright Frank Vassen.

Belongs within: Calliphoridae.
Contains: Polleniopsis, Onesia, Bellardia, Melanomyinae, Calliphora.

The Calliphorinae are a group of blow flies that are typically metallic in coloration, though phylogenetic analysis raises the possibility they may be paraphyletic to the non-metallic Melanomyinae (Kutty et al. 2010).

Characters (from Peris & González-Mora 2004): Propleural depression, prosternum and episternal area usually hairy. Parafacials setulose in upper part. Thoracic squamula usually setulose dorsally. Costa and subcosta pilose until merger with R1. Aedeagus with numerous denticles on surface of acrophallus. Tergite 8 and epiproct mostly separated. Epiproct and cerci black, often with microtrichia.

<==Calliphorinae [Calliphorini] VW10
    |--+--+--Bellardia KP10
    |  |  `--Melanomyinae KP10
    |  `--+--Calliphora KP10
    |     `--Cynomya Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 KP10, PG-M04 (see below for synonymy)
    |          |--*C. mortuorum (Linnaeus 1761) [=Musca mortuorum, *Cynophaga mortuorum] PG-M04
    |          |--C. cadaverina Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [=Cynomyia cadaverina, *Cynomyiopsis cadaverina] PG-M04
    |          `--C. hirte Gough 1898 [=Cynomyia hirte, *Carcinomyia hirte] PG-M04
    `--Sarconesia [Toxotarsinae] KP10
         |--S. chlorogaster (Wiedemann 1830) KP10
         `--S. versicolor Bigot 1857 KP10

Calliphorinae incertae sedis:
  Tainanina Villeneuve 1926 PG-M04
    |--T. pilisquama (Senior-White 1925) F92, PG-M04 (see below for synonymy)
    |--T. javanica Kurahashi 1978 F92
    |--T. sarcophagoides (Malloch 1931) [=Calliphora sarcophagoides] F92
    `--T. yangchunensis Fan & Yao 1984 F92
  Onesiomima Rohdendorf 1962 PG-M04
    `--*O. pamirica Rohdendorf 1962 PG-M04
  Pseudonesia Villeneuve 1924 PG-M04
    `--*P. puberula (Zetterstedt 1838) [=Musca puberula; incl. Tachina pubicornis Zetterstedt 1938] PG-M04
  Cynomyiomima Rohdendorf 1924 [incl. Chaetocynomyia Enderlein 1933] PG-M04
    `--*C. stackelbergi Rohdendorf 1924 [incl. *Chaetocynomyia latifrons Enderlein 1933] PG-M04
  Cyanus Hall 1948 PG-M04
    `--*C. elongata (Hough 1898) [=Cynomyia elongata] PG-M04
  Xenocalliphora Malloch 1924 PG-M04
    `--*X. eudypti (Hutton 1902) [=Calliphora eudypti] PG-M04
  Ptilonesia Bezzi 1927 PG-M04
    `--*P. auronotate (Macquart 1855) [=Pollenia auronotate] PG-M04
  Australocalliphora Kurahashi 1971 PG-M04
    `--*A. onesioides (Kurahashi 1971) [=Calliphora (*Australocalliphora) onesioides] PG-M04
  Mufetiella Villeneuve 1933 PG-M04
    `--*M. grisescens (Villeneuve 1933) [=Calliphora grisescens] PG-M04
  Oceanocalliphora Kurahashi 1972 PG-M04
    `--*O. bryani (Kurahashi 1972) [=Calliphora (*Oceanocalliphora) bryani] PG-M04
  Metallicomyia Röder 1886 [=Chalcomyia Röder 1886 non Willist 1885] PG-M04
    `--*M. elegans (Röder 1886) [=*Chalcomyia elegans] PG-M04
  Mufetia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 PG-M04
    `--*M. autissiodorensis Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 PG-M04
  Pericallimyia Villeneuve 1915 (see below for synonymy) PG-M04
    |--*P. marginalis Villeneuve 1915 PG-M04
    `--‘Tachina’ westermanni Wiedemann 1819 [=*Africomusca westermanni] PG-M04
  Polleniopsis PG-M04
  Onesia PG-M04

Cynomya Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 KP10, PG-M04 [=Cyanomyia (l. c.) PG-M04, Cynomyia (l. c.) PG-M04, Cynophaga Lioy 1864 PG-M04; incl. Carcinomyia Townsend 1915 PG-M04, Cynomyiopsis Townsend 1915 PG-M04]

Pericallimyia Villeneuve 1915 [incl. Africomusca Townsend 1932, Callopisma Villeneuve 1915 (n. n.) non De Not. 1847 (ICBN)] PG-M04

Tainanina pilisquama (Senior-White 1925) F92, PG-M04 [=Pollenia pilisquama PG-M04; incl. *T. grisella Villeneuve 1926 PG-M04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F92] Fan Z. 1992. Key to the Common Flies of China 2nd ed. Science Press: Beijing.

[KP10] Kutty, S. N., T. Pape, B. M. Wiegmann & R. Meier. 2010. Molecular phylogeny of the Calyptratae (Diptera: Cyclorrhapha) with an emphasis on the superfamily Oestroidea and the position of Mystacinobiidae and McAlpine's fly. Systematic Entomology 35: 614–635.

[PG-M04] Peris, S. V., & D. González-Mora. 2004. Clave de identificación para los géneros de Calliphoridae del mundo. Subfamilias con vena remigium desnuda y creación de una nueva subfamilia. Bol. R. Soc. Esp. Hist. Nat. (Sec. Biol.) 99 (1–4): 115–144.

[VW10] Vargas, J., & D. M. Wood. 2010. Calliphoridae (blow flies). In: Brown, B. V., A. Borkent, J. M. Cumming, D. M. Wood, N. E. Woodley & M. A. Zumbado (eds) Manual of Central American Diptera vol. 2 pp. 1297-1304. NRC Research Press: Ottawa.

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