Melinda viridicyanea, copyright Michael Knapp.

Belongs within: Calliphorinae.

The Melanomyinae are a Holarctic group of blow flies whose larvae, where known, are parasitic on land snails (Shewell 1987).

Characters (from Peris & González-Mora 2004): Parafacials usually setose in upper part, without strong setae in lower part. Thorax coloration often metallic on black background. Prosternum often setulose. Hairiness tending to become reduced in preepisternal, prosternal, metasternal and postalar areas. Thoracic squamula usually bare dorsally (rarely with a small patch of setae). Anepimeron almost or entirely bare below. Ventral setulae on costal vein usually extending beyond fusion with R1. Stem vein (basal section of R) dorsally bare. Apical portion of M generally not sinuous in a smooth curve. Abdomen pruinose, not usually metallic, at most slightly apparently tan, sometimes even spotted with brownish yellow anteriorly and dorsally. Male with aedeagus without denticles on ventral surface of distiphallus; cerci short and wide, hairy. End of oviscapt in female with third tergite and epiproct fused in a structure like a small tongue.

    |--Melanomya Rondani 1856 PG-M04 [=Melanomyia (l. c.) PG-M04; Melanomyini S87]
    |    |--*M. nana (Meigen 1826) [=Dexia nana] PG-M04
    |    |--M. bicolor SC19
    |    `--M. serva BW09
    `--Angioneurini [Angioneurinae] S87
         |--Eggisops Rondani 1862 S87, PG-M04 [=Engyops Brauer & Bergenstamm 1889 PG-M04, Engyzops Scudder 1862 PG-M04]
         |    |--*E. pechiolii Rondani 1862 PG-M04
         |    `--E. petiolata PG-M04
         |--Opsodexia Townsend 1915 S87, PG-M04 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--O. serva (Walker 1852) S87, PG-M04 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--‘Chaetona’ flavipennis Coquillet 1902 [=*Phalacrodexia flavipennis] PG-M04
         |    `--‘Chaetona’ grisea Coquillet 1899 [incl. *Opelodexia artata Reinhard 1945] PG-M04
         |--Angioneura Brauer & Bergenstamm 1893 (see below for synonymy) PG-M04
         |    |--‘Medoria’ acerba Meigen 1838 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--A. abdominalis (Reinhard 1929) SC19, PG-M04 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--A. cyrtoneurina (Zetterstedt 1959) [=Tachina curtoneurina, *Angineurilla curtoneurina] PG-M04
         |    |--A. obscura (Townsend 1919) S87, PG-M04 [=*Opelousia obscura PG-M04]
         |    `--A. xinjiangensis PG-M04
         `--Melinda Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 S87, PG-M04 (see below for synonymy)
              |--M. cognata (Meigen 1830) A71, PG-M04 (see below for synonymy)
              |--M. dasysternita Chen, Deng & Fan in Fan 1992 F92
              |--M. gentilis Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [=*Xerophilophaga gentilis] PG-M04
              |--M. gibbosa Chen, Deng & Fan in Fan 1992 F92
              |--M. gonggashanensis Chen & Fan 1992 F92
              |--M. io (Kurahashi 1965) [=Paradichosia io] F92
              |--M. maai Kurahashi 1970 F92
              |--M. nigra (Kurahashi 1965) [=Paradichosia nigra] F92
              |--M. nigrella Chen, Li & Zhang 1988 F92
              |--M. septentrionalis Xue 1983 F92
              |--*Neomelinda’ sumatrana Malloch 1927 PG-M04
              |--M. viridicyanea Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 KP10
              `--*Paurothrix’ xiphophora Bezzi 1927 PG-M04

Melanomyinae incertae sedis:
  Tricycleopsis Villeneuve 1927 [incl. Pseudocalliphora Malloch 1927] PG-M04
    `--*T. paradoxa Villeneuve 1927 [incl. Calliphora (*Pseudocalliphora) semifulva Malloch 1927] PG-M04
  Glutoxys Aldrich 1929 PG-M04
    `--*G. elegans Aldrich 1929 PG-M04
  Paradichosia Senior-White 1923 PG-M04
    |--*P. scutellata Senior-White 1923 PG-M04
    |--P. blaesostylata Feng, Chen & Fan in Fan 1992 F92
    |--P. brachyphalla Feng, Chen & Fan in Fan 1992 F92
    |--P. chuanbeiensis Chen & Fan 1992 F92
    |--P. crinitarsis Villeneuve 1927 F92
    |--P. hunanensis Chen, Zhang & Fan in Fan 1992 F92
    |--P. kangdingensis Chen & Fan 1992 F92
    |--P. nigricans Villeneuve 1927 F92
    |--P. tsukamotoi (Kano 1962) [=Melinda tsukamotoi] F92
    `--P. vanemdeni (Kurahashi 1970) F92
  Pseudopsodexia Townsend 1935 PG-M04
    `--*P. cruciata Townsend 1935 PG-M04
  Gymnadichosia Villeneuve 1927 PG-M04
    `--*G. pusilla Villeneuve 1927 PG-M04
         |--G. p. pusilla F92
         `--G. p. tribulis Villeneuve 1933 F92
  Pollenomyia Séguy 1935 PG-M04
    |--*P. sinensis Séguy 1935 PG-M04 [=Pollenia sinensis PG-M04; incl. Melinda itoi Kano 1962 F92]
    |--P. falciloba (Hsue 1979) [=Paradichosia falciloba] F92
    `--P. okazakii (Kano 1962) [=Melinda okazakii] F92

Angioneura Brauer & Bergenstamm 1893 [incl. Angineurilla Villeneuve 1924, Opelousia Townsend 1919, Opsodexiopsis Townsend 1935] PG-M04

Angioneura abdominalis (Reinhard 1929) SC19, PG-M04 [=Opsodexia abdominalis PG-M04, *Opsodexiopsis abdominalis PG-M04]

‘Medoria’ acerba Meigen 1838 [incl. Myobia vetusta Brauer & Bergenstamm 1891, *Angioneura vetusta] PG-M04

Melinda Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 S87, PG-M04 [incl. Melania Blainville 1820 non Lamarck 1799 PG-M04, Neomelinda Malloch 1927 PG-M04, Paurothrix Bezzi 1927 PG-M04, Xerophilophaga Enderlein 1933 PG-M04]

Melinda cognata (Meigen 1830) A71, PG-M04 [=Musca cognata PG-M04; incl. Mu. coerulea Meigen 1826 non Wiedemann 1819 PG-M04, *Melinda coerulea PG-M04]

Opsodexia Townsend 1915 S87, PG-M04 [incl. Phalacrodexia Townsend 1915 PG-M04, Opelodexia Reinhard 1945 PG-M04]

Opsodexia serva (Walker 1852) S87, PG-M04 [=Musca serva PG-M04; incl. Chaetona bicolor Coquillet 1898 PG-M04, *Opsodexia bicolor PG-M04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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