Phora sp., copyright Eugene K.

Belongs within: Phoridae.

The Phorinae are a group of scuttle flies characterised by more or less distinct bristles on the tibiae, particularly a proximodorsal pair on the mid tibia (Peterson 1987).

Characters (from Peterson 1987): Frons bristled along entire lateral margins; supra-antennal bristles, when present, reclinate. Wing fully developed in both sexes. Tibiae with distinct, though sometimes short or weak, bristles; mid tibia always with at least a closely situated dorsal pair on basal half; other tibiae sometimes with similar bristles.

<==Phorinae B10
    |--Crinophleba rostrata P87
    |--Spiniphora spinulosa P87, B10
    |--Abaristophora diversipennis P87, B10
    |--Hypocerides nearcticus P87
    |--Stichillus adamsi P87
    |--Coniceromyia pilipleura P87
    |--Chaetopleurophora Schmitz 1927 H02
    |--Caenophorites Hong 2002 H02
    |    `--*C. xilutianensis Hong 2002 H02
    |--Huaxiaphoritis Hong 2002 H02
    |    `--*H. longispina (Hong 1981) [=Chaetopleurophora longispina] H02
    |--Fushunophoritis Hong 2002 H02
    |    `--*F. gastrocanthoidis (Hong 1981) [=Chaetopleurophora gastrocanthoidis] H02
    |--Fushuniclavicornia Hong 2002 H02
    |    `--*F. sinica (Hong 1981) [=Chaetopleurophora sinica] H02
    |--Rhoptrocera Hong 1981 H02
    |    `--*R. eocenica Hong 1981 H02
    |--Dohrniphora P87
    |    |--D. cornuta B10
    |    `--D. poinari P92
    |--Anevrina P87
    |    |--A. spinipes P87
    |    `--A. unispinosa B10
    |--Triphleba [incl. Citrago] P87
    |    |--T. pachyneura B10
    |    `--‘Citrago’ politifrons P87
    |--Borophaga P87
    |    |--B. incrassata [=Hypocera incrassata] A71
    |    `--B. verticalis B10
    |--Diplonevra P87
    |    |--D. florea WJ18
    |    |--D. nitidula B10
    |    `--D. setigera B10
    `--Phora Latreille 1796 BR05
         |--P. aterima (Fabricius 1794) [=Musca aterima] H02
         |--P. atra G20
         |--P. cara R35
         |--P. hybosa Hong 1981 H02
         |--P. occidentata B10
         |--P. putris (Linnaeus 758) L02, L58 [=Musca putris L02]
         `--P. viridinota P87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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