Jute mallow Corchorus olitorius, copyright International Institute of Tropical Agriculture.

Belongs within: Malvaceae.

Corchorus is a genus of herbs and shrubs widespread in tropical and subtropical regions of the world (Harden 1990).

Characters (from Harden 1990): Herbs or shrubs, glabrous or sparsely covered with simple or stellate hairs. Leaves 3-veined from near base, toothed. Cymes axillary or leaf-opposed, or flowers solitary or 2 or 3 clustered together. Sepals and petals mostly 5, more or less equal in length. Stamens numerous, sometimes inserted on a slightly expanded disc, hypogynous or slightly perigynous. Ovary 2–5-locular, style simple, ovules several per loculus. Capsule long, without bristles [or short or globose and more or less warted or bristly], seeds several in each loculus.

<==Corchorus [incl. Oceanopapaver] T00
    |--*C. olitorius M06
    |--C. acutangulus [incl. C. alatus] C55
    |--C. aestuans LK14
    |--C. asplenifolius M06
    |--C. argillicola Moeaha & Winter in Moeaha 2006 M06
    |--C. capsularis M06
    |--C. confusus M06
    |--C. crozophorifolius KM08
    |--C. cunninghamii H90
    |--C. depressus PP07
    |--C. fascicularis PP07
    |--C. hirsutus M06
    |--C. leptocarpus LK14
    |--C. merxmuelleri CV06
    |--C. mitchellensis LK14
    |--C. puberulus LK14
    |--C. pumilio LK14
    |--C. sidoides LK14
    |--C. siliquosus M06
    |--C. tridens PP07
    |--C. trilocularis M06
    `--C. walcottii LK14

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[T00] Thorne, R. F. 2000. The classification and geography of the flowering plants: dicotyledons of the class Angiospermae (subclasses Magnoliidae, Ranunculidae, Caryophyllidae, Dilleniidae, Rosidae, Asteridae, and Lamiidae). The Botanical Review 66: 441–647.

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