Grizzled skipper Pyrgus malvae, copyright Gail Hampshire.

Belongs within: Hesperiidae.

The Pyrginae, flats, are a cosmopolitan group of relatively large, robust and fast-flying skippers whose larvae feed on a wide range of dicotyledonous plants (Braby 2000a).

Characters (from Braby 2000a): Antenna more than half length of costa of fore wing; third segment of labial palp erect or porrect, short to medium in length, stout; fore wing with vein M2 straight near origin, arising midway between M1 and M3 or closer to M1 than M3; hind wing with cell normal, termen rounded; male may have costal gold or linear scent-pouch, containing numerous sex-scales, on costa near base of fore wing.

<==Pyrginae [Pyrgidae] J03
    |--Capila J03
    |--Telemiades J03
    |--Eagris J03
    |--Celaenorrhinus Hübner 1919 B00a
    |    `--C. fritzgaertneri (Balley 1880) FS54
    |--Exometoeca Meyrick 1888 B00a
    |    `--E. nycteris Meyrick 1888 B00a
    |--Euschemon Doubleday 1846 [Euschemoninae] B00a
    |    `--E. rafflesia (Macleay 1826) B00a
    |         |--E. r. rafflesia B00a
    |         `--E. r. alba Mabille 1903 B00a
    |--Netrocoryne Felder & Felder 1867 B00a
    |    |--N. repanda Felder & Felder 1867 B00a
    |    |    |--N. r. repanda B00a
    |    |    `--N. r. expansa Waterhouse 1932 B00a
    |    `--N. thaddaeus (Hewitson 1876) B00a
    |--Chaetocneme Felder 1860 B00a
    |    |--C. beata (Hewitson 1867) B00a
    |    |--C. critomedia (Guérin-Méneville 1831) B00a
    |    |    |--C. c. critomedia B00a
    |    |    `--C. c. sphinterifera (Fruhstorfer 1910) B00a
    |    |--C. denitza (Hewitson 1867) B00a
    |    `--C. porphyropsis (Meyrick & Lower 1902) B00a
    |--Tagiades Hübner 1819 B00a
    |    |--T. flesus B01a
    |    |--T. japetus (Stoll 1781) B00a
    |    |    |--T. j. japetus B00a
    |    |    `--T. j. janetta Butler 1870 B00a
    |    `--T. nestus (Felder 1860) B00b
    |         |--T. n. nestus B00b
    |         `--T. n. korela Mabille 1891 B00b
    `--Pyrgus Hübner 1819 BR05
         |--P. dromus B01a
         |--P. machacosa B01b
         |--P. maculatus (Bremer & Grey 1852) I92
         |--P. malvae (Linnaeus 1758) I92
         |--P. notata (Blanchard 1852) FS54
         |--P. orcus (Cramer 1782) S55
         `--P. syrichtus (Fabricius 1775) FS54
              |--P. s. syrichtus FS54
              `--P. s. montivagus (Reakirt 1866) FS54

*Type species of generic name indicated


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