Harpobittacus septentrionis, copyright Summerdrought.

Belongs within: Mecopteroidea.

The Bittacidae, hanging-flies, are a group of large, predatory scorpionflies that commonly hunt by hanging from vegetation with their fore legs and grasping prey with the hind legs (Byers 1991).

Characters (from Byers 1991): Single-clawed, raptorial tarsi. Wings elongate, slender basally. Compound eyes large, protruding; ocelli large, on a median prominence; rostrum slender. Basistyles of male bulbous, broadly fused ventrally; dististyles ordinarily small, inconspicuous; T9 divided into two lobes, clasper-like in appearance but not in function. Larvae with two dorsal rows of branched, fleshy processes.

    |--Anomalobittacus N02
    |--Apterobittacus N02
    |--Archebittacus exilis N02
    |--Orobittacus N02
    |--Symbittacus L94
    |--Kalobittacus L94
    |--Nannobittacus L94
    |--Hylobittacus L94
    |--Tytthobittacus Smithers 1973 R74
    |--Austrobittacus B91
    |--Edriobittacus B91
    |--Probittacus avitus RJ93
    |--Bittacus Latreille 1802 L02
    |    |--*B. tipularius [=Panorpa tipularia] L02
    |    |--B. apterus R13
    |    |--B. eremus L94
    |    |--B. mastrillii CM07
    |    |--B. pilicornis KP19
    |    `--B. strigosus HR11
    `--Harpobittacus Gerstaecker 1885 L94
         |--+--+--H. rubricatus Riek 1954 [=H. tillyardi rubricatus] L94
         |  |  `--H. tillyardi Esben-Petersen 1915 [incl. H. nigratus Navás 1932] L94
         |  `--+--*H. australis (Klug 1838) (see below for synonymy) L94
         |     `--+--H. albatus Riek 1954 [=H. tillyardi alatus; incl. H. limnaeus Smithers 1973] L94
         |        `--H. christine Lambkin 1994 L94
         `--+--+--H. quasisimilis Lambkin 1994 L94
            |  `--H. similis Esben-Petersen 1935 L94
            `--+--+--H. nigriceps (Selys-Longchamps 1868) [=Bittacus nigriceps] L94
               |  `--H. phaeoscius Riek 1954 L94
               `--+--H. scheibeli Esben-Petersen 1935 [incl. H. brewerae Smithers 1973] L94
                  `--H. septentrionis Lambkin 1994 L94

*Harpobittacus australis (Klug 1838) [=Bittacus australis; incl. B. corethrarius Rambur 1842, B. intermedius Selys-Longchamps 1868, Harpobittacus intermedius, H. australis rubripes Riek 1954] L94

*Type species of generic name indicated


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