Gold spot Plusia festucae, copyright Ilia Ustyantsev.

Belongs within: Noctuidae.

The Plusiinae are a cosmopolitan group of moths commonly bearing a pale, often metallic, marking at the centre of the fore wings.

Characters (from Nielsen & Common 1991): Dorsal thoracic crest and dorsal abdominal tufts present, eyes lashed, fore wing often with silver markings (‘silver Ys’), metepimeron with distinct external bulge, double tympanal hood; larva without ventral prolegs on segments 3 and 4, crochets in biordinal mesoseries, without secondary setae; pupa in flimsy cocoon.

Plusiinae [Plusidae] NC91
    |  i. s.: Thysanoplusia orichalcea NC91
    |         Anadevidia peponis NC91
    |         Chrysodeixis NC91
    |           |--C. argentifera NC91
    |           `--C. eriosoma G84
    |         Euchalcia ZK11
    |--Abrostola [Abrostolini] ZK11
    |    |--A. asclepiadis F92
    |    |--A. tripartita F92
    |    |--A. triplasia F92
    |    `--A. urentis T69
    `--Plusiini ZK11
         |--Autographa ZK11
         |    |--A. brassicae B37
         |    |--A. californica KP99
         |    |--A. gamma ZK11
         |    |--A. iota F92
         |    `--A. precationis T69
         `--Plusia P01
              |--P. aereoides T69
              |--P. argentifera C70
              |--P. chalcites C70
              |--P. chryson F92
              |--P. deaurata F92
              |--P. eriosoma P01
              |--P. festucae JP05
              |--P. furcifera WM66
              |--P. gamma F92
              |--P. gutta P01
              |--P. interrogationis F92
              |--P. jota F92
              |--P. putnami JP05
              |    |--P. p. putnami JP05
              |    `--P. p. gracilis Lempke 1966 JP05
              `--P. verticillata WM66

*Type species of generic name indicated


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