Small tolype moth Tolype notialis, copyright Ken Childs.

Belongs within: Obtectomera.
Contains: Drepanidae, Noctuoidea, Geometroidea, Bombycoidea, Lasiocampinae.

The Macroheterocera are a clade of mostly medium-sized to large moths united by molecular phylogenetic analysis (Kawahara et al. 2019). Many species in this clade possess sound-receptive tympanal organs, thought differences in location and structure imply non-homology. Drepanidae and Geometroidea have tympanal organs on the abdomen, Noctuoidea have them on the metathorax, usually with counter-tympanal cavities on the base of the abdomen that may have a prominent hood, and Bombycoidea lack tympanal organs.

<==Macroheterocera KP19
    |--Drepanoidea KP19
    |    |--Axia [Cimeliidae] KP19
    |    |    `--A. margarita KP19
    |    `--+--Drepanidae KP19
    |       `--Doa [Doidae] KP19
    `--+--Noctuoidea KP19
       `--+--Geometroidea KP19
          `--+--Bombycoidea KP19
             `--Lasiocampidae [Lasiocampoidea] KP19
                  |  i. s.: Aurivillia Tutt 1902 C92
                  |         Porela NS07
                  |           |--P. arida P27
                  |           `--P. notodontina (Felder & Felder 1874) [=Cosmotricha notodontina] NS07
                  |         Eriomorpha Fletcher 1982 (see below for synonymy) NO08
                  |         Euglyphis NS07
                  |           |--E. adusta (Walker 1855) [incl. Hydrias rubiginosa Felder & Felder 1874] NS07
                  |           |--E. grammophora (Felder & Felder 1874) [=Hydrias grammophora] NS07
                  |           `--E. ochropyga (Felder & Felder 1874) [=Hydrias ochropyga] NS07
                  |         Paralebeda crinodes (Felder & Felder 1874) [=Opsirhina crinodes] NS07
                  |         Bombycopsis Felder & Felder 1874 NS07
                  |           `--*B. ochroleuca Felder & Felder 1874 NS07
                  |         Titya abstersa Felder & Felder 1874 NS07
                  |         Eutricha capensis (Linnaeus 1767) [incl. Pachypasa ferruginea Felder & Felder 1874] NS07
                  |         Streblote aculeata (Walker 1865) [incl. Pachypasa scapulosa Felder & Felder 1874] NS07
                  |         Bombycomorpha Felder & Felder 1874 NS07
                  |           `--B. bifascia (Walker 1855) [incl. *B. nupta Felder & Felder 1874] NS07
                  |         Trichiura crataegi (Linnaeus 1758) JP05
                  |         Dendrolimus JP05
                  |           |--D. albolineatus F92
                  |           |--D. kikuchii F92
                  |           |--D. laricis F92
                  |           |--D. pini (Linnaeus 1758) JP05
                  |           |--D. punctatus F92
                  |           |--D. sibiricus F92
                  |           |--D. spectabilis PHK96
                  |           `--D. tabulaeformis F92
                  |         Pachypasa otus (Drury 1773) L-SSY04
                  |         Digglesia australasiae G84
                  |         Perna expansa C70
                  |         Malacosoma G05
                  |           |--M. americana RD77
                  |           |--M. californicum G05
                  |           |    |--M. c. californicum G05
                  |           |    `--M. c. fragile G05
                  |           |--M. castrensis F92
                  |           |--M. disstria G05
                  |           |--M. incurvum G05
                  |           `--M. neustria F92
                  |                |--M. n. neustria F92
                  |                `--M. n. testacea F92
                  |         Macrothylacia rubi RD77
                  |--Chionopsychinae ONE03
                  |--Chondrosteginae ONE03
                  |--Lasiocampinae NC91
                  |--Poecilocampa F92 [Poecilocampinae ONE03]
                  |    `--P. populi F92
                  |--Gastropachinae NC91
                  |    |--Pernattia pusilla NC91
                  |    `--Gastropacha DS73
                  |         |--G. populifolia DS73
                  |         `--G. quercifolia DS73
                  |              |--G. q. quercifolia DS73
                  |              `--G. q. alnifolia DS73
                  `--Macromphaliinae KP19
                       |--Artace rubripalpis (Felder & Felder 1874) KP19, NS07 [=Titya rubripalpis NS07]
                       |--Macromphalia Felder & Felder 1874 NS07
                       |    |--M. ancilla (Philippi 1859) [incl. *M. chilensis Felder & Felder 1874] NS07
                       |    `--M. dedecora (Feisthamel 1839) NS07
                       `--Tolype KP19
                            |--T. notialis KP19
                            `--T. picta (Felder & Felder 1874) [=Limacodilla picta] NS07

Eriomorpha Fletcher 1982 [=Lasiomorpha Turner 1932 non Joicey & Talbot in Joicey et al. 1916] NO08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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