Australian grapevine moth Phalaenoides glycinae, copyright Donald Hobern.

Belongs within: Noctuidae.

The Agaristinae are a group of diurnal, usually brightly coloured moths.

Characters (from Nielsen & Common 1991): Antennae usually thickened apically; tympanal hood small or absent, counter-tympanum large; larvae aposematically coloured, with posterior hump; pupa well sclerotised, rugose, in cocoon.

Agaristinae [Agaristidae, Phalaenoididae]
    |--Periopta ardescens ZS10
    |--Ipanica cornigera MC13
    |--Hecatesia fenestrata NC91
    |--Apina callisto NC91
    |--Idalima tetrapleura C70
    |--Cruria donovani C70
    |--Eutrichopidia latina C70
    |--Periscepta polysticta C70
    |--Xanthospilopteryx melanosoma Druce 1901 D01
    |--Eusemia adulatrix RD77
    |--Aegocera RD77
    |    |--A. tripartita RD77
    |    `--A. venutia G20 [=Phalaena venulia L02, Zygaena (Aegocera) venutia G20]
    |--Agarista NC91
    |    |--A. agricola NC91
    |    `--A. glycine B88
    `--Phalaenoides NC91
         |--P. glycinae NC91
         `--P. tristifica P27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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