Pale shoulder Acontia lucida, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Noctuidae.

The Acontiinae are a group of relatively small noctuid moths that may resemble bird droppings when perched.

Acontiinae [Acontidae]
    `--Acontiini ZK11
         |--Acontia WM66
         |    |--A. clerana MC13
         |    |--A. crocata MC13
         |    |--A. lucida ZK11
         |    |--A. maculosa WM66
         |    `--A. undulosa [=Philenora undulosa] M86
         `--Emmelia trabealis (Scopoli 1763) ZK11, JP05

Acontiinae incertae sedis:
  Enispa plutonis NC91
  Amyna natalis NC91
  Cophanta Walker 1864 [incl. Toxophleps Hampson 1893] S01
    |--C. funestalis Walker 1864 S01
    |--C. optiva (Swinh. 1890) [=Tarache optiva, Toxophleps optiva] S01
    `--C. trilatalis [=Toxophleps trilatalis] S01
  Xanthoptera S01
    |--X. nicea Swinhoe 1901 S01
    `--X. rectivitta (Moore 1881) [=Orthosia rectivitta, Polydesma rectivitta] S01
  Metachrostis coenia Swinhoe 1901 S01
  Cerynea S01
    |--C. morma Swinhoe 1901 S01
    `--C. semilux S01
  Oruza S01
    |--O. astona Swinhoe 1901 S01
    `--O. hydrocampata S01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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