Silver pea Lebeckia sericea, copyright Gawie Malan.

Belongs within: Papilionoideae.
Contains: Crotalaria.

The Crotalarieae are a primarily African group of leguminous plants united by molecular analyses, distinguished from the closely related Genisteae by the absence of bilabiate calyces with a bifid upper lip and a trifid lower lip (Cardoso et al. 2013).

<==Crotalarieae CP13
    |--+--Euchlora hirsuta CP13
    |  `--+--Bolusia amboensis CP13
    |     `--Crotalaria CP13
    `--+--Lebeckia CP13
       |    |--L. dinteri CV06
       |    |--L. obovata CV06
       |    `--L. sericea CP13
       `--+--Rafnia angulata CP13
          `--Aspalathus CP13
               |--A. linearis K02
               `--A. pinguis CP13

Crotalarieae incertae sedis:
  Calobota CP13
  Ezoloba CP13
  Leobordea CP13
  Listia CP13
  Lotononis CP13
    |--L. bracteosa CV06
    |--L. mirabilis CV06
    |--L. pachycarpa CV06
    |--L. pallidirosea CV06
    `--L. schreiberi CV06
  Pearsonia CP13
  Robynsiophyton CP13
  Wiborgia CP13
  Wiborgiella CP13

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CP13] Cardoso, D., R. T. Pennington, L. P. de Queiroz, J. S. Boatwright, B.-E. Van Wyk, M. F. Wojciechowski & M. Lavin. 2013. Reconstructing the deep-branching relationships of the papilionoid legumes. South African Journal of Botany 89: 58–75.

[CV06] Craven, P., & P. Vorster. 2006. Patterns of plant diversity and endemism in Namibia. Bothalia 36 (2): 175–189.

[K02] Krüger, M. 2002. Revision of the Afrotropical Ennominae of the Drepanogynis group IV: the genus Drepanogynis Guenée (Lepidoptera: Geometridae). Transvaal Museum Monograph 13: 1–220.

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