Black scorpion Bothriurus bonariensis, photographed by Gustavo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Iurida.

The Bothriuridae is a group of scorpions found in Australia and South America characterised by legs with two pedal spurs, a vertically compressed sternum, and pedipalps with chelal trichobothrium Et2 on the ventral surface and ib at the extreme base of the fixed finger or on the palm.

Bothriuridae [Bothriuroidae, Bothriuroidea]
    |--Vachonianinae K77
    |--Brachistosternus Pocock 1893 OA02b [Brachistosterninae K77]
    |    |  i. s.: B. andinus Chamberlin 1916 OA02b
    |    |         B. ehrenbergii (Gervais 1841) OA02b [incl. B. ehrenbergi var. politus AO02]
    |    |         B. ferrugineus (Thorell 1877) AO02
    |    |         B. holmbergi Carbonell 1923 OA02b
    |    |         B. peruvianus Piza 1974 OA02b
    |    `--B. (Leptosternus Maury 1973) OA02b
    |         |--B. (L.) castroi Mello-Leitão 1940 OA02b
    |         |--B. (L.) intermedius Lönnberg 1902 OA02b
    |         |--B. (L.) montanus Roig Alsina 1977 OA02b
    |         |--B. (L.) quiscapata Ochoa & Acosta 2002 OA02b
    |         |--B. (L.) titicaca Ochoa & Acosta 2002 OA02b
    |         `--B. (L.) weijenberghii (Thorell 1876) OA02b
    `--Bothriurinae [Cercophoninae] K77
         |--Cercophonius Peters 1861 [incl. Acanthochirus Peters 1861] K77
         |    `--*C. squama (Gervais 1844) (see below for synonymy) K77
         |--Urophonius Pocock 1893 K77
         |    |--U. brachycentrus (Thorell 1877) K77
         |    `--U. jeheringi Pocock 1893 K77
         |--Timogenes Simon 1880 K77
         |    |--T. dorbignyi (Guérin-Méneville 1843) [=Scorpio dorbignyi] AO02
         |    |--T. elegans (Mello-Leitão 1931) AO02
         |    `--T. haplochirus Maury & Roig Alsina 1977 CFS14
         `--Bothriurus Peters 1861 CFS14
              |--B. araguayae Vellard 1934 FM11
              |--B. asper Pocock 1893 [=B. bonariensis asper] AO02
              |--B. bocki Kraepelin 1911 AO02
              |--B. bonariensis (Koch 1843) AO02
              |--B. bucherli (San Martin 1965) K77
              |--B. burmeisteri Kraepelin 1894 CFS14
              |--B. chacoensis Maury & Acosta 1993 AO02
              |--B. dumayi AO02
              |--B. flavidus (Maury 1971) K77
              |--B. inermis Maury 1981 AO02
              |--B. maculatus Kraepelin 1911 [=B. bonariensis var. maculata] AO02
              |--B. olaen Acosta 1997 AO02
              |--B. prospicuus A02
              |--B. rochensis K77
              |--B. trivittatus Werner 1939 AO02
              `--B. vittatus Guérin-Méneville 1838 AO02

Bothriuridae incertae sedis:
  Orobothriurus Maury 1976 OA02a
    |--O. alticola (Pocock 1899) OA02a
    |--O. atiquipa Ochoa & Acosta 2002 OA02a
    |--O. calchaqui Ochoa et al. 2011 CFS14
    |--O. compagnucci Ochoa et al. 2011 CFS14
    |--O. curvidigitus (Kraepelin 1911) OA02a [incl. Bothriurus lampei Werner 1916 J98]
    |--O. famatina Acosta & Ochoa 2001 CFS14
    |--O. grismadoi Ojanguren-Affilastro et al. 2009 CSF14
    |--O. iskay Acosta & Ochoa 2001 AO02
    |--O. paessleri (Kraepelin 1911) OA02a
    `--O. wawita Acosta & Ochoa 2000 AO02
  Tehuankea Cekalovic 1973 K77

*Cercophonius squama (Gervais 1844) [=Scorpio (Telegonus) squama; incl. C. granulosus Kraepelin 1908, C. kershawi Glauert 1930, C. michaelseni Kraepelin 1908, C. sulcatus Kraepelin 1908, *Acanthochirus testudinarius Peters 1861] K77

*Type species of generic name indicated


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