Anochetus armstrongi with termite, copyright Mark Newton.

Belongs within: Ponerinae.

Anochetus is a pantropical genus of ponerine ants characterised by long, straight mandibles inserted near the cephalic midline with two or three large teeth near the tip arranged in a vertical series, together with two teeth or a rounded margin at the apex of the petiole, and an uninterrupted, inverted U-shaped ridge on the back of the head (Fisher & Smith 2008).

<==Anochetus Mayr 1861 [incl. Stenomyrmex Mayr 1862, Myrmapatetes Wheeler 1929] Z01
    |--*A. ghilianii (Spinola 1851) [=Odontomachus ghilianii] Z01
    |--A. armstrongi McAreavey 1949 TB85
    |--A. boltoni Fisher & Smith 2008 FS08
    |--A. goodmani Fisher & Smith 2008 FS08
    |--A. graeffei Mayr 1870 (see below for synonymy) Z01
    |    |--A. g. graeffei E14
    |    `--A. ‘punctiventris’ oceanicus Emery 1897 E14
    |--A. grandidieri Forel 1891 [incl. A. madecassus Santschi 1928] FS08
    |--A. kanariensis Forel 1900 B03
    |--A. longifossatus Mayr 1897 B03
    |--A. madagascarensis Forel 1887 [=A. africanus madagascarensis; incl. A. africanus friederichsi Forel 1918] FS08
    |--A. madaraszi Mayr 1897 B03
    |--A. myops Emery 1893 B03
    |--A. nietneri (Roger 1861) [=Odontomachus nietneri] B03
    |--A. orientalis B03
    |--A. paripungens Brown 1978 TB85
    |--A. pattersoni Fisher & Smith 2008 FS08
    |--A. princeps Emery 1884 B03
    |--A. rectangularis Mayr 1876 [incl. A. rectangularis diabolus Forel 1915] TB85
    |--A. renatae H13
    |--A. risii Forel 1900 [incl. A. gracilis Karawajew 1925] Z01
    |--A. sedilloti Emery 1884 [incl. A. sedilloti var. indicus] B03
    |--A. turneri Forel 1900 [incl. A. turneri latunei Forel 1915] TB85
    `--A. yerburyi Forel 1900 B03

Anochetus graeffei Mayr 1870 [incl. A. amati Karavajew 1925, A. minutus Karavajew 1925, A. punctiventris Mayr 1878, A. rudis Emery 1889, A. ruginotus Stitz 1925, A. taylori Forel 1900] Z01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[Z01] Zhou, S. 2001. Ants of Guangxi. Guangxi Normal University Press: Guilin (China).

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