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Belongs within: Ectatommini.

Rhytidoponera is an Australasian genus of relatively large, dark-coloured, often heavily sculpted ants whose reproductive females usually lack wings and are not outwardly distinguishable from other workers.

<==Rhytidoponera Mayr 1862 [incl. Chalcoponera Emery 1897] TB85
    |--R. impressa group W85
    |    |--R. confusa Ward 1980 W85, TB85
    |    `--R. impressa (Mayr 1876) [=Ectatomma impressum] TB85
    `--+--R. numeensis group W85
       |    |--R. koumensis W85
       |    |--R. numeensis Andre 1889 [=R. (Chalcoponera) numeensis] E14
       |    `--R. wilsoni W85
       |--+--R. acanthoponeroides W85
       |  `--R. fulgens group W85
       |       |--+--R. aquila W85
       |       |  `--R. opaciventris W85
       |       `--+--R. atropurpurea Emery 1914 W85, E14 [=R. (Chalcoponera) atropurpurea E14]
       |          `--R. fulgens Emery 1883 W85, E14 (see below for synonymy)
       `--R. pulchella group W85
            |--R. arborea W85
            |--R. depilis W85
            |--R. insularis W85
            |--R. litoralis W85
            |--R. luteipes W85
            |--R. mimica W85
            |--R. nitidiventris W85
            |--R. pulchella Emery 1883 [=R. (Chalcoponera) pulchella] E14
            |--R. terrestris W85
            `--R. versicolor W85

Rhytidoponera incertae sedis:
  *R. araneoides (Le Guillou 1841) (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. aciculata (Smith 1858) [=Ectatomma aciculata; incl. E. (Rhytidoponera) cristatum caro Forel 1910] TB85
  R. acupuncta Emery 1914 [=R. (Chalcoponera) acupuncta] E14
  R. anceps Emery 1898 TB85
  R. aspera (Roger 1860) [=Ponera metallica aspera; incl. R. (Chalcoponera) arnoldi Forel 1915] TB85
  R. aurata (Roger 1861) [=Ponera (Ectatomma) aurata; incl. R. flava Crawley 1915] TB85
  R. barnardi Clark 1936 TB85
  R. barretti Clark 1941 TB85
  R. borealis Crawley 1918 (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. carinata Clark 1936 TB85
  R. cerastes Crawley 1925 TB85
  R. chalybaea Emery 1901 [=R. impressa chalybaea; incl. Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) cyrus Forel 1910] TB85
  R. chnoopyx Brown 1958 TB85
  R. clarki Donisthorpe 1943 (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. convexa (Mayr 1876) [=Ectatomma convexum; incl. R. nigra Clark 1936] TB85
  R. cornuta (Emery 1895) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) cornutum] TB85
  R. crassinodis (Forel 1907) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) crassinode] TB85
  R. cristata (Mayr 1876) [=Ectatomma cristatum] TB85
  R. croesus Emery 1901 (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. dubia Crawley 1915 [=R. (Chalcoponera) dubia] TB85
  R. enigmatica Ward 1980 TB85
  R. eremita Clark 1936 TB85
  R. ferruginea Clark 1936 TB85
  R. flavicornis Clark 1936 TB85
  R. flavipes (Clark 1941) [=Chalcoponera flavipes] TB85
  R. flindersi Clark 1936 TB85
  R. foreli Crawley 1918 TB85
  R. foveolata Crawley 1925 TB85
  R. fuliginosa Clark 1936 TB85
  R. greavesi Clark 1941 TB85
  R. gregoryi Clark 1936 TB85
  R. haeckeli (Forel 1910) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) haeckeli] TB85
  R. hilli Crawley 1915 TB85
  R. incisa Crawley 1915 TB85
  R. inornata Crawley 1922 (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. kurandensis Brown 1958 TB85
  R. lamellinodis Santschi 1919 [=R. (Chalcoponera) lamellinodis Santschi 1919] TB85
  R. laticeps Forel 1915 TB85
  R. levior Crawley 1925 [=R. punctata levior, R. douglasi Brown 1952] TB85
  R. maledicta Forel 1915 [=R. (Chalcoponera) victoriae maledicta] TB85
  R. maniae (Forel 1900) (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. mayri (Emery 1883) (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. metallica (Smith 1858) (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. micans Clark 1936 TB85
  R. mirabilis Clark 1936 TB85
  R. nitida Clark 1936 TB85
  R. nodifera (Emery 1895) (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. nudata (Mayr 1876) [=Ectatomma nudatum] TB85
  R. peninsularis Brown 1958 TB85
  R. pilosula Clark 1936 TB85
  R. punctata (Smith 1858) [=Ectatomma punctata] TB85
  R. punctigera Crawley 1925 TB85
  R. punctiventris (Forel 1900) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) cristatum punctiventris] TB85
  R. purpurea (Emery 1887) (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. reflexa Clark 1936 TB85
  R. reticulata (Forel 1893) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) reticulatum] TB85
  R. rufescens (Forel 1900) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) convexum rufescens] TB85
  R. rufithorax Clark 1941 TB85
  R. rufiventris Forel 1915 [=R. convexa rufiventris; incl. R. castanea Crawley 1925] TB85
  R. rufonigra Clark 1936 TB85
  R. scaberrima (Emery 1895) (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. scabra (Mayr 1876) [=Ectatomma scabrum] TB85
  R. scabrior Crawley 1925 [=R. (Chalcoponera) aspera scabrior] TB85
  R. socrus (Forel 1894) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) socrus] TB85
  R. spoliata (Emery 1895) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) spoliatum] TB85
  R. tasmaniensis Emery 1898 (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. taurus (Forel 1910) (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. tenuis (Forel 1900) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) tenue] TB85
  R. trachypyx Brown 1958 TB85
  R. turneri (Forel 1910) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) turneri] TB85
  R. tyloxys Brown & Douglas 1958 TB85
  R. victoriae (André 1896) TB85 (see below for synonymy)
  R. violacea (Forel 1907) (see below for synonymy) TB85
  R. viridis (Clark 1941) [=Chalcoponera viridis] TB85
  R. yorkensis Forel 1915 [=R. cristata yorkensis] TB85

*Rhytidoponera araneoides (Le Guillou 1841) [=Ponera araneoides, Ectatomma (*Rhytidoponera) araneoides; incl. R. araneoides arcuata Stutz 1911] TB85

Rhytidoponera borealis Crawley 1918 [=R. (Chalcoponera) numeensis borealis; incl. Chalcoponera brunnea Clark 1941] TB85

Rhytidoponera clarki Donisthorpe 1943 [=R. (Chalcoponera) clarki, Chalcoponera hilli Clark 1941 non R. hilli Crawley 1915, incl. Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) metallicum obscurum Forel 1900 non E. (Holcoponera) obscurum Emery 1869] TB85

Rhytidoponera croesus Emery 1901 [incl. Chalcoponera victoriae andrei Wheeler & Chapman 1925, R. (Chalcoponera) fastuosa Santschi 1916] TB85

Rhytidoponera fulgens Emery 1883 W85, E14 [=R. (Chalcoponera) fulgens E14; incl. R. fulgens var. socrula Emery 1914 E14]

Rhytidoponera inornata Crawley 1922 [=R. (Chalcoponera) metallica inornata; incl. Chalcoponera metallica carbonaria Wheeler 1934] TB85

Rhytidoponera maniae (Forel 1900) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) maniae; incl. E. (R.) convexum spatiatum Forel 1900] TB85

Rhytidoponera mayri (Emery 1883) [=Ectatomma mayri; incl. R. dixoni Clark 1936, E. (R.) mayri glabrius Forel 1907, R. mayri glabrius levior Stitz 1911 (nom. inv.) non R. punctata levior Crawley 1925, R. occidentalis Clark 1936, R. petiolata Clark 1936, R. quadriceps Clark 1936, R. stridulator Clark 1936] TB85

Rhytidoponera metallica (Smith 1858) [=Ponera metallica, Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) metallicum, Rhytidoponera (*Chalcoponera) metallica; incl. R. (C.) caeciliae Viehmeyer 1924, Chalcoponera pulchra Clark 1941, R. (C.) metallica purpurascens Wheeler 1915, R. (C.) metallica varians Crawley 1922] TB85

Rhytidoponera nodifera (Emery 1895) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) convexum nodiferum; incl. R. rothneyi mediana Viehmeyer 1924, R. pronotalis Crawley 1925, Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) rothneyi Forel 1900] TB85

Rhytidoponera purpurea (Emery 1887) [=Ectatomma impressum purpureum; incl. E. (Rhytidoponera) impressum splendidum Forel 1910] TB85

Rhytidoponera scaberrima (Emery 1895) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) scaberrimum; incl. R. laciniosa malandensis Forel 1915] TB85

Rhytidoponera tasmaniensis Emery 1898 [=R. metallica tasmaniensis; incl. Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) metallicum cristulatum Forel 1900] TB85

Rhytidoponera taurus (Forel 1910) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) cornutum taurus; incl. R. cerastes brevior Crawley 1925, R. cornuta fasciventris Stitz 1911] TB85

Rhytidoponera victoriae (André 1896) TB85 [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) victoriae TB85, Chalcoponera victoriae R35; incl. R. (Chalcoponera) victoriae cedarensis Forel 1915 TB85, E. (R.) metallicum modestum Emery 1895 TB85, E. (R.) metallicum scrobiculatum Forel 1900 TB85]

Rhytidoponera violacea (Forel 1907) [=Ectatomma (Rhytidoponera) convexum violaceum; incl. E. (R.) convexum gemma Forel 1907, Rhytidoponera convexa opacior Clark 1936] TB85

*Type species of generic name indicated


[E14] Emery, C. 1914. Les fourmis de la Nouvelle-Calédonie & des îles Loyalty. In: Sarasin, F., & J. Roux (eds) Nova Caledonia: Forschungen in Neu-Caledonian und auf den Loyalty-Inseln. A. Zoologie vol. 1 pt 4 pp. 393–436, pl. 12. C. W. Kreidels Verlag: Wiesbaden.

[R35] Rayment, T. 1935. A Cluster of Bees: Sixty essays on the life-histories of Australian bees, with specific descriptions of over 100 new species. Endeavour Press: Sydney.

[TB85] Taylor, R. W., & D. R. Brown. 1985. Formicoidea. In: Walton, D. W. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 2. Hymenoptera: Formicoidea, Vespoidea and Sphecoidea pp. 1–149. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

[W85] Ward, P. S. 1985. Taxonomic congruence and disparity in an insular ant fauna: Rhytidoponera in New Caledonia. Systematic Zoology 34 (2): 140–151.

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