Pilbara flame-tailed slider Lerista flammicauda, copyright Jordan Vos.

Belongs within: Scincidae.

Lerista, sliders, is an Australian genus of mostly burrowing skinks found in loose soil or sand under cover (Cogger 2018).

Characters (from Cogger 2018): Supranasals absent. Nasals enlarged, usually in contact medially. Prefrontals small and widely separated or absent. Parietal shields in contact behind interparietal. Lower eyelid with transparent disc, movable or fused above to form permanent spectacle. Ear opening small but always distinct. Single pair of enlarged pre-anals. Limbs varying from well developed and pentadactyle through various degrees of reduction in length and number of digits to a minute style or completely absent, always separated if present by at least several scale legs when adpressed.

<==Lerista Bell 1833 C18
    |--L. aericeps Storr 1986 C18
    |--L. allanae (Longman 1937) C18
    |--L. allochira Kendrick 1989 C18
    |--L. ameles Greer 1979 C18
    |--L. amicorum Smith & Adams 2007 C18
    |--L. apoda Storr 1976 C18
    |--L. arenicola Storr 1972 C18
    |--L. axillaris Storr 1991 C18
    |--L. baynesi Storr 1971 C18
    |--L. bipes (Fischer 1882) C18
    |--L. borealis Storr 1971 C18
    |--L. bougainvillii (Gray 1839) C18
    |--L. bunglebungle Storr 1991 C18
    |--L. carpentariae Greer 1983 C18
    |--L. chordae Amey, Kutt & Hutchinson 2005 C18
    |--L. christinae Storr 1979 C18
    |--L. cinerea Greer, McDonald & Lawrie 1983 C18
    |--L. clara Smith & Adams 2007 C18
    |--L. colliveri Couper & Ingram 1992 C18
    |--L. connivens Storr 1971 C18
    |--L. desertorum (Sternfeld 1919) C18
    |--L. distinguenda (Werner 1910) C18
    |--L. dorsalis Storr 1985 C18
    |--L. edwardsae Storr 1982 C18
    |--L. elegans (Gray 1845) ADD0
    |--L. elongata Storr 1990 C18
    |--L. emmotti Ingram, Couper & Donnellan 1993 C18
    |--L. eupoda Smith 1996 C18
    |--L. flammicauda Storr 1985 C18
    |--L. fragilis (Günther 1876) C18
    |--L. frosti (Zietz 1895) C18
    |--L. gascoynensis Storr 1986 C18
    |--L. gerrardii (Gray 1864) C18
    |--L. greeri Storr 1982 C18
    |--L. griffini Storr 1982 C18
    |--L. haroldi Storr 1983 C18
    |--L. hobsoni Amey, Couper & Worthington Wilmer in Couper, Amey & Worthington Wilmer 2016 C18
    |--L. humphriesi Storr 1971 C18
    |--L. ingrami Storr 1991 C18
    |--L. ips Storr 1980 C18
    |--L. jacksoni Smith & Adams 2007 C18
    |--L. kalumburu Storr 1976 C18
    |--L. karlschmidti (Marx & Hosmer 1959) C18
    |--L. kendricki Storr 1991 C18
    |--L. kennedyensis Kendrick 1989 C18
    |--L. kingi Smith & Adams 2007 C18
    |--L. labialis Storr 1971 C18
    |--L. lineata Bell 1833 C18
    |--L. lineopunctulata (Duméril & Bibron 1839) ADD08
    |--L. macropisthopus (Werner 1903) C18
    |    |--L. m. macropisthopus ADD08
    |    |--L. m. fusciceps Storr 1991 ADD08
    |    |--L. m. galea C18
    |    `--L. m. remota C18
    |--L. maculosa Storr 1991 C18
    |--L. micra Smith & Adams 2007 ADD08
    |--L. microtis (Gray 1845) C18
    |    |--L. m. microtis C18
    |    `--L. m. schwaneri C18
    |--L. muelleri (Fischer 1881) C18
    |--L. neander Storr 1971 C18
    |--L. nevinae Smith & Adams 2007 C18
    |--L. nichollsi (Loveridge 1933) C18
    |--L. occulta Smith & Adams 2007 C18
    |--L. onsloviana Storr 1984 C18
    |--L. orientalis (De Vis 1889) C18
    |--L. petersoni Storr 1976 C18
    |--L. picturata (Fry 1914) C18
    |--L. planiventralis (Lucas & Frost 1902) C18
    |    |--L. p. planiventralis ADD08
    |    |--L. p. decora (Storr 1978) ADD08
    |    `--L. p. maryani ADD08
    |--L. praefrontalis Greer 1986 C18
    |--L. praepedita (Boulenger 1887) ADD08
    |--L. punctatovittata (Günther 1867) C18
    |--L. puncticauda Storr 1991 C18
    |--L. quadrivincula Shea 1991 C18
    |--L. robusta Storr 1990 C18
    |--L. rochfordensis Amey & Couper 2009 C18
    |--L. rolfei Smith & Adams 2007 C18
    |--L. separanda Storr 1976 C18
    |--L. simillima Storr 1984 C18
    |--L. speciosa Storr 1990 C18
    |--L. stictopleura Storr 1985 C18
    |--L. storri Greer, McDonald & Lawrie 1983 C18
    |--L. stylis (Mitchell 1955) C18
    |--L. taeniata Storr 1986 C18
    |--L. talpina Storr 1991 C18
    |--L. terdigitata (Parker 1926) C18
    |--L. timida (De Vis 1888) C18
    |--L. tridactyla Storr 1990 C18
    |--L. uniduo Storr 1984 C18
    |--L. vanderduysi Amey, Couper & Worthington Wilmer in Couper, Amey & Worthington Wilmer 2016 C18
    |--L. varia Storr 1986 ADD08
    |--L. verhmens Smith & Adams 2007 C18
    |--L. vermicularis Storr 1982 C18
    |--L. viduata Storr 1991 C18
    |--L. vittata Greer, McDonald & Lawrie 1983 C18
    |--L. walkeri (Boulenger 1891) C18
    |--L. wilkinsi (Parker 1926) C18
    |--L. xanthura Storr 1986 C18
    |--L. yuna Storr 1991 C18
    |--L. zietzi Wells & Wellington 1985 C18
    `--L. zonulata Storr 1991 C18

*Type species of generic name indicated


[ADD08] Aplin, K., S. Donnellan & J. Dell. 2008. The herpetofauna of Faure Island, Shark Bay, Western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 75: 39–53.

[C18] Cogger, H. G. 2018. Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia updated 7th ed. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood.

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