Xysticus cristatus, copyright Philippe Garcelon.

Belongs within: Thomisidae.

Xysticus, ground crab spiders, is a genus of crab spiders with a generally flattened abdomen, carapace with the front distinctly higher than the back, and the two pairs of lateral eyes on incompletely joined tubercles.

    |--X. altaicus Simon 1895 S95
    |--X. audax R14
    |--X. bifasciatus CM07
    |--X. bliteus (Simon 1875) PO08
    |--X. calenzanae Kraus 1955 K55
    |--X. canadensis Gertsch 1934 PS08
    |--X. caperatus Simon 1875 PO08
    |--X. connectens Kulczyński 1901 K01
    |--X. cristatus (Clerck 1757) PO08
    |--X. cunctator MC02
    |--X. edax (Pickard-Cambridge 1872) PO08
    |--X. elegans JVHN90
    |--X. elongatus (Stoliczka 1869) [=Thomisus (Xysticus) elongatus] S69
    |--X. emertoni Keyserling 1880 M01
    |--X. erraticus (Blackwall 1834) BBM02
    |--X. fienae JD-S07
    |--X. fucatus [incl. X. albimanus] K01
    |--X. grallator Simon 1932 K55
    |--X. inaequalis Kulczyński 1901 K01
    |--X. kempeleni Thorell 1872 PO08
    |--X. kochii Thorell 1872 K55
    |--X. lanio Koch 1835 MF11
    |--X. lateralis K01
    |--X. lineatus (Westring 1851) PO08
    |--X. luctator K01
    |--X. luctuosus K01
    |--X. ninni BV00
    |--X. nubilus Simon 1875 K55
    |--X. obscurus Collett 1887 PS08
    |--X. pini K01
    |--X. promiscuus Pickard-Cambridge 1876 PO08
    |--X. pugilis (Stoliczka 1869) [=Thomisus (Xysticus) pugilis] S69
    |--X. punctatus JDW90
    |--X. sabulosus (Hahn 1832) BBM02
    |--X. secedens BV00
    |--X. striatipes K01
    |--X. ulmi (Hahn 1831) K55
    |--X. viaticus CM07
    `--X. xerodermus Strand 1913 PO08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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