Justicia goudotii, copyright Instituto Darwinion.

Belongs within: Justiciinae.

Justicia, shrimp plants, is a pantropical genus of herbs and shrubs with tubular flowers commonly borne in dense inflorescences.

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual, perennial or shrub. Inflorescence generally a spike or raceme. Flower with corolla two-lipped, tube longer than lips, wider upward, upper lip notched or two-lobed, lower lip three-lobed; stamens 2, generally appressed to upper lip, anther sacs unequally placed on filament, opening toward lower lip, generally at least lower sac spurred. Fruit club-shaped, stalk flattened. Seeds 4, outlined on fruit surface.

Justicia (see below for synonymy) SV00
    `--J. sect. Chaetothylax [incl. Pelecostemon Leonard 1958] W09
         |--J. albicans Wood 2009 [=Chaetothylax leucanthus Leonard 1958 non J. leucantha Schrank 1824] W09
         |--J. goudotii Graham 1988 [=Chaetothylax umbrosus non J. umbrosa] W09
         |--J. haughtii (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Chaetothylax haughtii Leonard 1958] W09
         |--J. huilensis (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Chaetothylax huilensis Leonard 1958] W09
         `--J. trianae (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=*Pelecostemon trianae Leonard 1958] W09

Justicia incertae sedis:
  J. adhatoda BB07
  ‘Rostellularia’ adscendens LK14
    |--R. a. var. adscendens LK14
    |--R. a. var. clementii LK14
    `--R. a. var. largiflorens LK14
  J. americana SV00
  J. amphibola (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Jacobinia amphibola Leonard 1958] W09
  J. asystasioides SV00
  J. aurea SV00
  J. axiologa (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Jacobinia axiologa Leonard 1958] W09
  J. bentii SV00
  J. brasiliana SV00
  J. californica [=Beloperone californica] H93
  J. caudata SV00
  J. cuneata CV06
    |--J. c. ssp. cuneata CV06
    `--J. c. ssp. hoerleiniana CV06
  J. diffusa P03
  J. gendarussa BB07
  J. guerkeana CV06
  ‘Adhatoda’ hyssopifolia C55
  J. kempeana BR65
  J. littoralis Wood 2009 [=Jacobinia lindaviana Rusby 1920 non Justicia lindaviana Leonard 1953] W09
  J. longii SV00
  J. magdalenensis Wood 2009 [=J. disparifolia Wood 1988 non Urb. & Ekman 1929] W09
  J. mirabiloides SV00
  J. odora E09
  J. origanoides G01
  J. pilosella SV00
  J. platysepala CV06
  J. procumbens BR65
  J. quinquangularis VB02
  J. simplex PP07
  J. spicigera SV00
  J. vahlii PP07
  ‘Adhatoda’ vasica SDK05

Justicia [incl. Acelica, Adhatoda, Amphiscopia, Anisostachya, Aulojusticia, Beloperone, Bentia, Calliaspidia, Calophanoides, Calymmostachya, Chaetochlamys, Chaetothylopsis, Chiloglossa, Corymbostachys, Cyphisia, Cyrtanthera, Cyrtantherella, Dianthera, Dimanisa, Drejera, Drejerella, Duvernoia, Dyspemptemorion, Emularia, Ethesia, Gendarussa, Glosarithys, Harnieria, Heinzelia, Hemichoriste, Heteraspidia, Ixtlania, Jacobinia, Kuestera, Libonia, Linocalyx, Leptostachya, Lophothecium, Lustrinia, Mananthes, Neohallia, Nicoteba, Orthotactus, Parajusticia, Petalanthera, Plagiacanthus, Plegmatolemma, Porphyrocoma, Psacadocalymma, Rhacodiscus, Rhaphidospora, Rhipidosperma, Rhyticalymma, Rhytiglossa, Rodatia, Rostellularia, Saglorithys, Salviacanthus, Sarojusticia, Sarotheca, Sericographis, Simonisia, Siphonoglossa, Solenochasma, Stethoma, Tabascina, Thamnojusticia, Tyloglossa] SV00

*Type species of generic name indicated


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