Black wildebeest Connochaetes gnou, copyright Bernard Dupont.

Belongs within: Alcephalinae.

Connochaetes, the gnus or wildebeest, is a genus of cattle-like grazing antelopes found in grasslands and open woodland of southern and eastern Africa.

Characters (from Murray 1984): Head massive, both sexes horned. Mane present on neck and shoulders, beard under throat. Tail long, reaching nearly to ground.

Connochaetes [incl. Pultiphagonides Hopwood 1934] G78
    |--+--C. africanus (Hopwood 1934) [=*Pultiphagonides africanus] G78
    |  `--C. gnou G78
    |       |--C. g. gnou G78
    |       |--C. g. antiquus Broom 1913 G78
    |       `--C. g. laticornutus (van Hoepen 1932) G78
    `--C. taurinus G78
         |--C. t. taurinus G78
         |--C. t. cooksoni M84
         |--C. t. mearnsi M84
         |--C. t. olduvaiensis G78
         `--C. t. prognu G78

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G78] Gentry, A. W. 1978. Bovidae. In: Maglio, V. J., & H. B. S. Cooke (eds) Evolution of African Mammals pp. 540–572. Harvard University Press: Cambridge (Massachusetts).

[M84] Murray, M. G. 1984. Grazing antelopes. In: Macdonald, D. (ed.) All the World’s Animals: Hoofed Mammals pp. 120–131. Torstar Books: New York.

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