Salda pallipes, copyright Stephanie Boucher.

Belongs within: Panheteroptera.

The Leptopodomorpha are a group of large-eyed, predatory bugs most commonly found on the margins of ponds and streams. They are united by adaptations to a side-by-side copulatory position, with the male abdomen possessing an apparatus for grasping the female (Schuh & Polhemus 1980).

<==Leptopodomorpha [Acanthioideae, Leptopinae] GE05
    |  i. s.: Britannicola GE05
    |         Helenosaldula aberrans SP80
    |         Saldonia [Archegocimicidae] GE05
    |           `--S. sibirica SP02
    |--Leptopodoidea SP80
    |    |--Omaniidae SP80
    |    |    |--Omania SP80
    |    |    |    |--O. coleoptrata SP80
    |    |    |    `--O. marksae WEE70
    |    |    `--Corallocoris SP80
    |    |         |--C. marksae N91
    |    |         `--C. nauruensis SP80
    |    `--Leptopodidae GE05
    |         |--Leptosaldinae SP80
    |         |    |--Leptosalda chiapensis SP80
    |         |    `--Saldolepta Schuh & Polhemus 1980 SP80
    |         |         `--S. kistnerorum SP80
    |         `--Leptopodinae SP80
    |              |--Patapius spinosus SP80
    |              |--Valleriola wilsoni SP80, CGW91
    |              |--Erianotus lanosus SP80
    |              |--Martiniola SP80
    |              `--Leotichius [Leotichiidae] SP80
    |                   `--L. speluncarum SP80
    `--Saldoidea SP80
         |--Aepophilus [Aepophilidae] SP80
         |    `--A. bonnairei SP80
         `--Saldidae [Acanthiidae] SP80
              |  i. s.: Micracanthia ripula SP80
              |         Ioscytus nasti D62
              |         Teoleuca D62
              |         Lampracanthia D62
              |         Oreokora Drake 1962 [=Oreocora] D62
              |           |--*O. chilensis (Blanchard 1852) (see below for synonymy) D62
              |           |--O. amazona (Drake 1955) [=Pentacora amazona] D62
              |           |--O. andensis (Distant 1893) [=Acanthia andensis; incl. Pentacora bruesi Drake 1949] D62
              |           |--O. angusta (Drake & Carvalho 1948) [=Pentacora angusta] D62
              |           |--O. bacayana (Drake 1955) [=Pentacora bacayana] D62
              |           |--O. bergi (Haglund 1899) [=Salda bergi; incl. Saldula lynchi Drake & Carvalho 1948] D62
              |           |--O. doeringi (Drake & Carvalho 1948) [=Saldula doeringi] D62
              |           |--O. perula (Drake 1955) [=Pentacora perula] D62
              |           |--O. pillaona (Drake 1955) D62
              |           |--O. regilla (Drake 1955) [=Pentacora regilla] D62
              |           |--O. rogeri (Kirkaldy 1899) [=Acanthia rogeri] D62
              |           `--O. sola (Drake & Carvalho 1948) [=Saldula sola] D62
              |         Pelachoris Drake 1962 D62
              |           `--*P. leucographa [=Pentacora leucographa] D62
              |--Chiloxanthinae SP80
              |    |--Enalosalda SP80
              |    `--+--Paralosalda SP80
              |       `--+--Chiloxanthus SP80
              |          `--Pentacora SP80
              |               |--P. salina D62
              |               `--P. sphacelata (Uhler 1877) (see below for synonymy) D62
              |--Mesolygaeus [Enicocorinae, Mesolygaeidae] ZG05
              |    `--M. laiyangensis Ping 1928 ZG05
              `--Saldinae SP80
                   |  i. s.: Saldula CGW91
                   |           |--S. brevicornis CGW91
                   |           |--S. hirsuta D62
                   |           |--S. pallipes SP80
                   |           |--S. palustris (Douglas 1874) [=Salda palustris; incl. Saldula fernaldi Drake 1949] D62
                   |           `--S. pexa Drake 1950 [=S. hirsuta pexa] D62
                   |--Salduncula SP80
                   `--+--Saldoidini SP80
                      |    |--Orthophrys SP80
                      |    `--Saldoida D62
                      `--Salda D62 [Saldini SP80]
                           |--S. coxalis [incl. S. argentina] D62
                           |--S. nobilis H01
                           |    |--S. n. nobilis H01
                           |    `--S. n. reuteri H01
                           `--S. pallipes H01

*Oreokora chilensis (Blanchard 1852) [=Acanthia chilensis, Salda chilensis; incl. A. araucanica Kirkaldy 1889] D62

Pentacora sphacelata (Uhler 1877) [=Salda sphacelata, Saldula sphacelata; incl. Salda rubromaculata Heidemann 1901, Pentacora rubomaculata] D62

*Type species of generic name indicated


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