Ellampus auratus, copyright Kurt Kulac.

Belongs within: Chrysididae.

Ellampus is a genus of small, stoutly built cuckoo wasps with the apical margin of the abdomen truncate or subtruncate and medially incised (Bingham 1903).

Characters (from Bingham 1903): Head transverse, as broad as pronotum or broader, facial cavity subtriangular, arch above narrowing distinctly, moderately deep; antennae slender, cylindrical. Thorax broad, very convex above; pronotum long or short, often shorter than mesonotum, transverse; metanotum and scutellum convex, the former sometimes gibbous anteriorly; mesopleurae convex or flat, apex beneath more or less rounded; postscutellum convex, gibbous or with a mucro at base; posterior lateral angles of median segment produced, apex acute or obtuse. Fore wing with medial cell only complete, first submedial and sometimes radial cell almost complete, generally two-thirds of apical portion of radial nervure obliterated, occasionally second submedial cell faintly outlined; nervures and cells of hind wing obsolete; legs slender, posterior tibiae not incrassate; claws of tarsi multidentate. Abdomen very convex above, base transverse, apical margin rounded at sides, truncate and incised in middle.

<==Ellampus Spin. 1806 [=Elampus; incl. Notozus Först. 1853, Omalus Dahlb. 1854] B03
    |--*E. auratus B03 [=Omalus auratus BM76; incl. E. auratus var. maculatus MS01, E. auratus var. virescens MS01]
    |--‘Omalus’ aeneus BM76
    |--E. chlorosoma Lucas 1849 E12
    |--‘Omalus’ coeruleus BM76
    |--E. constrictus [=Omalus constrictus] BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ cressoni BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ glomeratus BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ interandinus BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ intermedius BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ iridescens BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ janus BM76
    |--E. kashmirensis (Nurse 1902) [=Notozus kashmirensis] B03
    |--E. panzeri BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ punctatus BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ purpuratus BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ pusillus BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ sinuosus BM76
    |--E. spina BM76
    |--E. timidus Nurse 1902 B03
    |--‘Omalus’ trilobatus BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ variatus BM76
    |--‘Omalus’ violaceus BM76
    `--E. viridicyaneus BM76

*Type species of generic name indicated


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