Water measurer Hydrometra stagnorum, copyright Entomart.

Belongs within: Heteroptera.
Contains: Gerroidea.

The Gerromorpha are a group of predacious bugs usually associated with aquatic and semi-aquatic habitats. Members include the Mesoveliidae, a cosmopolitan group of slender, long-legged bugs mostly found along water edges though some flightless forms are associated with damp leaf litter. The Hebridae are small bugs, two millimetres or less in length, with two-segmented tarsi (Carver et al. 1991).

Synapomorphies (from Grimaldi & Engel 2005): Head, thorax and part of abdomen covered with fine hydrophobic pile; adults with three pairs of head trichobothria inserted in deep pits; mandibular levers present; pretarsi with dorsal and ventral arolia, ventral arolium often highly modified with hydrofuge hairs; female genital tract with intricate gynatrial complex.

<==Gerromorpha [Amphibicoriomorpha, Amphibicorisae]
    |--Mesoveliidae [Mesovelioidea] GE05
    |    |  i. s.: Engynabis tenuis SP02
    |    |         Sphongophoriella SP02
    |    |         Karanabis [Karanabidae] GE05
    |    |           `--K. kiritshenkoi GE05
    |    |         Duncanovelia extensa Jell & Duncan 1986 RJ93
    |    |         Austrovelia queenslandica CGW91
    |    |         Phrynovelia papua RD77
    |    |--Madeoveliinae CGW91
    |    `--Mesoveliinae CGW91
    |         |--Cavaticovelia Andersen & Polhemus 1980 B86
    |         |    `--C. aaa Gagné & Howarth 1975 B86
    |         |--Speovelia Esaki 1929 B86
    |         |    `--S. maritima Esaki 1929 B86
    |         `--Mesovelia CGW91
    |              |--M. hungerfordi CGW91
    |              |--M. indica B86
    |              `--M. vittigera CGW91
    `--+--Hebridae [Hebroidea, Naeogaeidae] GE05
       |    |--Hyrcaninae CGW91
       |    `--Hebrinae CGW91
       |         |--Merragata hackeri CGW91
       |         `--Hebrus TBG00
       |              |--H. axillaris CGW91
       |              `--H. ruficeps TBG00
       `--+--Gerroidea GE05
          `--Hydrometroidea CGW91
               |--Paraphrynoveliidae GE05
               `--+--Daniavelia [Macroveliidae] GE05
                  |    `--D. morsensis GE05
                  `--Hydrometridae [Hydrometrinae, Hydrometroidea] GE05
                       |--Carinametra burmensis GE05
                       `--+--Cretaceometra brasiliensis GE05
                          `--Hydrometra Latreille 1802 L02
                               |--*H. stagnorum (Linnaeus 1758) L02, L58 [=Cimex stagnorum L02]
                               |--H. aculeata Montr. 1864 D14
                               |--H. feta ZS10
                               |--H. hoplogastra WEE70
                               |--H. risbeci CGW91
                               `--H. strigosa CGW91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 7 May 2022.

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