Orius niger, from Raupach et al. (2014).

Belongs within: Cimicomorpha.

The Anthocoridae, flower bugs, are a group of small bugs that mostly feed on insect eggs or haemolymph from other insects. They are characterised by the presence of a cuneus in the hemelytron, with the hemelytral membrane usually being veinless, the presence of ocelli, and an apparently three-segmented labium. Most species engage in haemocoelic insemination, with the exception of the subfamily Lasiochilinae (Carver et al. 1991).

    |  i. s.: Amphiareus YS01
    |         Bilia MM96
    |         Macrotracheliella laevis MM96
    |         Plochiocorella elongata CGW91
    |--Lasiochilus [Lasiochilinae] CGW91
    |    `--L. femoralis CGW91
    |--Lyctocorinae [Dufouriellinae, Lyctocoraria, Lyctocoridae, Xylocoraria] C61
    |    |  i. s.: Eoanthocoris cretaceus Popov 1990 SP02, RJ93
    |    |         Physopleurella CGW91
    |    |--Lyctocoris C61 [Lycotocorini W77]
    |    |    |--L. campestris (Fabricius 1794) [=Acanthia campestris] C61
    |    |    `--L. subelegans Breddin 1928 C61
    |    |--Xylocorini W77
    |    |    |--Xylocoris C61
    |    |    |    |  i. s.: X. hirsutus Carayon 1961 C61
    |    |    |    |--X. (Xylocoris) C61
    |    |    |    |    |--X. (X.) afer (Reuter 1884) [=Piezostethus afer] C61
    |    |    |    |    |--X. (X.) cursitans (Fallén 1807) [=Anthocoris cursitans] C61
    |    |    |    |    `--X. (X.) galactinus C61
    |    |    |    `--X. (Arrostus) flavipes (Reuter 1875) (see below for synonymy) C61
    |    |    `--Piezostethus galactinus W77, G89
    |    |--Almeidini W77
    |    |    |  i. s.: ‘Piezostethus’ machadoi Carvalho 1952 W77
    |    |    |--Australmeida Woodward 1977 W77
    |    |    |    `--*A. derricki (Gross 1954) [=Lasiochilus derricki] W77
    |    |    |--Almeida Distant 1910 W77
    |    |    `--Lippomanus Distant 1904 W77
    |    |--Cardiastethus C61 [Cardiastethini W77]
    |    |    |--C. affinis C61
    |    |    |--C. capensis Carayon 1961 C61
    |    |    |--C. fasciiventris C61
    |    |    |--C. megalophthalmus C61
    |    |    |--C. poweri WFS04
    |    |    |--C. pygmaeus C61
    |    |    `--C. rufescens C61
    |    `--Scolopini W77
    |         |--Lasiochiloides Champion 1901 C61
    |         `--Blaptostethus Fieber 1860 C61
    |              |--B. africanus (Carayon 1956) [=Lasiochiloides africanus] C61
    |              `--B. pleneti (Carayon 1958) [=Lasiochiloides pleneti] C61
    `--Anthocorinae C61
         |  i. s.: Wollastoniella bifoveata Carayon 1958 C61
         |--Anthocoris [Anthocorini] C61
         |    |--A. nemoralis C61
         |    |--A. nemorum H01
         |    |--A. pacificus Kirkaldy 1908 K08
         |    |--A. subcruciatus Walker 1872 C61
         |    `--A. sylvestris K08
         `--Oriini C61
              |--Lampronannella Poppius 1909 C61
              |--Dokkiocoris Miller 1951 C61
              |--Pseudotriphleps Poppius 1910 [incl. Horniella Poppius 1910 non Raffray 1904] C61
              |--Caffrocoris Carayon 1961 C61
              |    `--*C. brincki Carayon 1961 C61
              |--Bilianella C61
              |    |--B. microscopica C61
              |    `--B. minuta Carvalho 1951 C61
              |--Montandoniola Poppius 1909 [incl. Teisocoris Hiura 1959] C61
              |    |--*M. moraguesi (Puton 1896) [=Montandoniella moraguesi] C61
              |    |--‘Ectemnus’ pictipennis Esaki 1931 [=*Teisocoris pictipennis] C61
              |    `--M. thripodes Bergroth 1916 C61
              `--Orius Wagner 1952 [Oriini] C61
                   |  i. s.: O. armatus CGW91
                   |         O. cocciphagus (Hesse 1947) [=Triphleps cocciphagus] C61
                   |         O. fogoensis Wagner 1957 C61
                   |         O. insidiosus MM96
                   |         O. laevigatus WS07
                   |         O. minutum KU07
                   |         O. tantillus CGW91
                   |         O. tristicolor WT91
                   |--O. (Orius) C61
                   |    |--O. (O.) brunnescens (Poppius 1913) [=Triphleps brunnescens] C61
                   |    |--O. (O.) niger C61
                   |    `--O. (O.) thripoborus (Hesse 1940) [=Triphleps thripoborus] C61
                   `--O. (Dimorphella) lanatus Carayon 1961 C61

Xylocoris (Arrostus) flavipes (Reuter 1875) [=Piezostethus flavipes; incl. Triphleps frumenti Zacher 1922, T. ramae Narayanan & Chatterji 1953, T. sinui Narayanan & Chatterji 1952] C61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 30 January 2019.


  1. I worked for the late Tom Woodward as a research assistant on Anthocoridae. Why don't you list any of his (and Tony Postle's) papers or species like Orius heterorioides Woodward & Postle, 1986 or Australmeida derricki (Gross, 1954)?

  2. I simply wouldn't have gotten to them yet; thanks for bringing them to my attention. I do update these pages over time; keep an eye on the "Recently Updated Posts" list to the right.


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