Bank voles Clethrionomys glareolus, photographed by Plantsurfer.

Belongs within: Arvicolidae.

Clethrionomys, the red-backed voles, is a Holarctic genus of small rodents in which most species (as the vernacular name indicates) have reddish fur dorsally, with the remainder of the fur being grey.

<==Clethrionomys Tilesius 1850 RR75
    |--C. californicus IT07
    |--C. centralis IT07
    |--C. frater RR75
    |--C. gapperi (Vigors 1830) RR75
    |    |--C. g. gapperi RR75
    |    |--C. g. athabascae RR75
    |    |--C. g. galei RR75
    |    |--C. g. loringi (Bailey 1897) [=Evotomys gapperi loringi] B75
    |    `--C. g. nivarius [=C. occidentalis nivarius] RR75
    |--C. glareolus (Schreber 1780) FK55
    |--C. montanus Imaizumi 1972 I92
    |--C. occidentalis RR75
    |--C. rex Imaizumi 1971 I92
    |--C. rufocanus RR75
    |    |--C. r. rufocanus RR75
    |    `--C. r. bedfordiae RR75
    |--C. rutilus (Pallas 1779) [=Evotomys rutilus] RR75
    |    |--C. r. rutilus RR75
    |    |--C. r. albiventer Hall & Gilmore 1932 RR75
    |    |--C. r. dawsoni (Merriam 1888) [=Evotomys dawsoni; incl. E. alascensis Miller 1898] RR75
    |    `--C. r. mikado RR75
    |--C. sikotanensis IT07
    `--C. yesomontanus Kishida 1931 TYM08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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