Brown rat Rattus norvegicus, photographed by Warwick Sloss.

Belongs within: Muridae.

Rattus, the true rats, is a genus of medium-sized rodents native to southern and eastern Asia and Australasia. Two species, the black rat Rattus rattus and the brown rat Rattus norvegicus, have dispersed worldwide in association with humans.

    |--R. adustus IT07
    |--R. annandalei (Bonhote 1903) K92
    |--R. argentiventer (Robinson & Kloss 1916) K92
    |--R. baluensis IT07
    |--R. bontanus IT07
    |--R. burrus IT07
    |--R. callitrichus BP87
    |--R. colletti IT07
    |--R. culionensis BP87
    |--R. elaphinus AC98
    |--R. enganus IT07
    |--R. everetti [incl. R. albigularis, R. gala, R. tyrannus] M82
    |--R. exulans (Peale 1848) K92 [=Mus exulans R64, Epimys exulans R14]
    |    |--R. e. exulans R14
    |    `--‘Mus’ e. maorium R14
    |--R. feliceus IT07
    |--R. foramineus IT07
    |--R. fuscipes S83
    |    |--R. f. fuscipes S83
    |    |--R. f. coracius S83
    |    |--R. f. greyii S83
    |    |--R. ‘greyi’ peccatus Troughton 1937 [=R. g. ravus Brazenor 1936 non Robison & Kloss 1916] R64
    |    `--R. ‘greyi’ pelori Finlayson 1960 R64
    |--R. giluwensis IT07
    |--R. hainaldi IT07
    |--R. hoffmanni (Matchie 1901) K92
    |--R. hoogerwerfi IT07
    |--R. jobiensis IT07
    |--R. koopmani IT07
    |--R. korinchi IT07
    |--R. lacus Tate 1951 R64
    |--R. latidens BP87
    |--R. leucopus R64
    |    |--R. l. leucopus R64
    |    |--R. l. cooktownensis Tate 1951 R64
    |    `--R. l. mcilwraithi Tate 1951 R64
    |--R. losea IT07
    |--R. lugens IT07
    |--R. lutreolus R64
    |    |--R. l. lutreolus R64
    |    |--R. l. cambricus Troughton 1937 R64
    |    `--R. l. imbil Troughton 1937 R64
    |--R. macleari BP87
    |--R. marmosurus IT07
    |--R. mindorensis IT07
    |--R. mollicomulus IT07
    |--R. montanus IT07
    |--R. mordax IT07
    |--R. morotaiensis IT07
    |--R. nativitatis BP87
    |--R. niobe (Thomas 1906) K92
    |--R. nitidus IT07
    |--R. norvegicus (Berkenhout 1769) [=Mus norvegicus] B75
    |--R. novaeguineae IT07
    |--R. omichlodes BP87
    |--R. osgoodi Musser & Newcomb 1985 FN97
    |--R. owiensis BP87
    |--R. palmarum IT07
    |--R. pelurus IT07
    |--R. praetor IT07
    |--R. pulliventer BP87
    |--R. ranjiniae IT07
    |--R. rattus (Linnaeus 1758) K92
    |    |--R. r. rattus B75
    |    |--R. r. alexandrinus (Geoffroy St.-Hilaire 1803) B75
    |    `--R. r. frugivorus (Rafinesque-Schmaltz 1814) KK54
    |--R. remotus BP87
    |--R. rogersi BP87
    |--R. sanila IT07
    |--R. sikkimensis IT07
    |--R. simalurensis IT07
    |--R. sordidus IT07
    |--R. steini IT07
    |--R. stoicus IT07
    |--R. tanezumi IT07
    |--R. tawitawiensis IT07
    |--R. timorensis IT07
    |--R. tiomanicus (Miller 1900) K92
    |--R. tunneyi Thomas 1904 [incl. R. culmorum] K92
    |    |--R. t. tunneyi R64
    |    |--R. ‘culmorum’ apex Troughton 1939 R64
    |    `--R. t. dispar Brazenor 1936 R64
    |--R. turkestanicus IT07
    |--R. villosissimus IT07
    `--R. xanthurus IT07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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