Northern collared lemming Dicrostonyx groenlandicus, copyright Peter Bondo Christensen.

Belongs within: Myomorpha.
Contains: Microtini.

The Arvicolidae include the voles and lemmings, a Holarctic group of small rodents with a tail less than half the length of the head and body, an angular skull, and a short rostrum (Goodwin 1969). The lemmings (e.g. Dicrostonyx and Lemmus) are cold-climate specialists, found in Arctic and tundra regions, while the voles (Microtini) are also found in more temperate regions. The lemmings have broader and more massive skulls than the voles, with the genera of lemmings being distinguished by characters of the teeth.

<==Arvicolidae [Arvicolinae, Microtinae]
    |--Dicrostonyx M87
    |    |--D. exsul IT07
    |    |--D. groenlandicus WB98
    |    |--D. hudsonius IT07
    |    |--D. kilangmiutak IT07
    |    |--D. nelsoni IT07
    |    |--D. nunatakensis IT07
    |    |--D. richardsoni IT07
    |    |--D. rubricatus IT07
    |    |--D. torquatus WB98
    |    |--D. unalascensis BP87
    |    `--D. vinogradovi IT07
    `--+--Phenacomys M87
       |    |--P. intermedius IT07
       |    `--P. ungava IT07
       `--+--Lemmus [Lemmini] M87
          |    |--L. amurensis IT07
          |    |--L. lemmus B74
          |    `--L. sibiricus IT07
          |--Synaptomys M87
          |    |--S. borealis IT07
          |    `--S. cooperi B75
          |         |--S. c. cooperi B75
          |         `--S. c. gossii (Coues in Coues & Allen 1877) [=Arvicola (Synaptomys) gossii] B75
          `--Microtini M87

Arvicolidae incertae sedis:
  Mictomys MH03
    |--M. kansasensis (Hibbard 1952) MH03
    |--M. landesi MH03
    |--M. meltoni MH03
    `--M. vetus MH03
  Pliophenacomys osborni MH03
  Bjornkurtenia Kowalski 1992 P04
    `--B. canterranensis (Michaux 1976) [=Trilophomys canterranensis] P04
  Baranomys Kormos 1933 P04
    `--B. longidens (Kowalski 1960) P04
  Dolomys Nehring 1898 P04
    |--*D. milleri Nehring 1898 P04
    |--D. adroveri (Fejfar, Mein & Moissenet 1990) P04
    |--D. nehringi Kretzoi 1959 P04
    `--D. occitanus (Thaler 1955) [=Mimomys occitanus; incl. M. hassiacus atavus Fejfar 1961] P04
  0--Propliomys Kretzoi 1959 P04
  |    `--P. hungaricus (Kormos 1934) [=Dolomys hungaricus] P04
  `--Pliomys Méhely 1914 P04
       |--P. coronensis (Méhely 1914) [incl. P. lenki (Heller 1930)] P04
       |--P. episcopalis Méhely 1914 P04
       `--P. graecus De Bruijn & Van der Meulen 1975 P04
  Eothenomys J68
    |--E. chinensis IT07
    |--E. custos IT07
    |--E. eva IT07
    |--E. inez IT07
    |--E. kageus J68
    |--E. melanogaster IT07
    |--E. olitor IT07
    |--E. proditor IT07
    |--E. regulus IT07
    |--E. shanseius IT07
    `--E. smithi J68
  Aschizomys J68
    |--A. andersoni J68
    |--A. imaizumi J68
    `--A. niigatae J68

*Type species of generic name indicated


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