Lepidotes elvensis, copyright Ghedoghedo.

Belongs within: Holostei.

The Semionotiformes are a group of fishes including the modern gars and their fossil relatives, united by the absence of the intercalar and gular bones, the presence of a series of antorbitals anterior to the circum-orbital ring, and enlarged basal and fringing fulcra (Cavin 2010).

Semionotiformes [Ginglymodi, Semionotoidei]
    |  i. s.: Clastes Cope 1872 C77
    |           |--C. aganus Cope 1877 C77
    |           |--C. anax C77
    |           |--C. atrox [=Lepidosteus atrox] C77
    |           |--C. cycliferus C77
    |           |--C. integer Cope 1877 C77
    |           |--C. notabilis [=Lepidosteus notabilis] C77
    |           `--‘Lepidosteus’ simplex C77
    |         Pneumatosteus C77
    |--+--Notagogus ferreri C10, S02
    |  |--Propterus GX17
    |  |    |--P. elongatus GX17
    |  |    `--P. vidali S02
    |  `--Macrosemiidae G93
    |       |--Macrosemius rostratus GX17, FS10
    |       |--Legonotus Egerton 1854 G93
    |       `--Enchelyolepis Woodward 1918 G93
    `--+--Macrosemimimus lennieri GX17
       |--Sangiorgichthys aldae C10
            |  i. s.: Lepidotyle Meunier & Gayet 1992 GM01
            |           `--L. enigmatica Meunier & Gayet 1992 GM01
            |         Alleiolepis Heller 1953 G93
            |         Aphelolepis Heller 1953 G93
            |         Asialepidotus Su 1959 G93
            |         Sinosemionotus Yuan & Koh 1936 G93
            |         Allelepidotus Frič 1906 G93
            |         Pericentrophorus Jörg 1969 G93
            |--+--Semionotus Agassiz 1832 C10, G93
            |  |    |--S. bergeri C10
            |  |    `--+--S. elegans C10
            |  |       `--S. kanabensis C10
            |  `--Lepidotes Agassiz 1832 C10, G93
            |       |--+--L. lennieri C10
            |       |  `--+--L. gloriae C10
            |       |     `--L. tendaguruensis C10
            |       `--+----L. minor C10
            |          `--+--L. mantelli C10
            |             `--+--L. semiserratus C10
            |                |--+--L. elvensis C10
            |                |  `--+--L. latifrons C10
            |                |     `--Isanichthys palustris C10
            |                `--+--L. piauhyensis C10
            |                   `--Paralepidotus Stolley 1920 C10, G93
            |                        `--P. ornatus C10
            `--+--Neosemionotus puntanus C10
               `--+--‘Lepidotes’ microrhis C10
                  `--+--‘Lepidotes’ buddhabutrensis C10
                     `--+--+--Araripelepidotes temnurus C10
                        |  `--Pliodetes nigeriensis C10
                        `--+--Masillosteus kelleri C10
                           `--Lepisosteidae [Lepisosteiformes, Lepisostoidei] B-RB13
                                |  i. s.: Paralepidosteus Arambourg & Joleaud 1943 G93
                                |--Obaichthys decoratus GX17
                                `--+--Oniichthys falipoui C10
                                   |--Lepisosteus Lacépède 1903 GX17, G93
                                   |    |--L. osseus GM01
                                   |    `--L. platostomus FS10
                                   `--Atractosteus GX17
                                        |--A. ferox C77
                                        |--A. spatula B96
                                        |--A. tristoechus R88 [=Lepisosteus tristoechus G88]
                                        `--A. tropicus R88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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