Swampfish Chologaster cornuta, from

Belongs within: Acanthomorphata.
Contains: Zeiformes, Gadiformes.

The Paracanthomorphacea are a clade of spiny-finned fishes united on the basis of molecular data.

Paracanthomorphacea B-RB13
    |--Zeiogadaria [Zeioigadiformes] B-RB13
    |    |--Zeiformes B-RB13
    |    `--Gadariae B-RB13
    |         |--Gadiformes B-RB13
    |         `--Stylephorus [Stylephoridae, Stylephoriformes, Stylephoroidei] NE12
    |              `--S. chordatus Shaw 1791 O99
    `--Percopsiformes [Percopsaria, Salmopercae] B-RB13
         |--Sphenocephalus P93 [Sphenocephalidae, Sphenocephaloidei B96]
         |    `--S. fissicaudus Agassiz 1839 P93
         |--Percopsidae [Erismatopteridae, Percopsoidei] NE12
         |    |--Massamorichthys wilsoni NE12
         |    |--Amphiplaga brachyptera Cope 1877 P93
         |    |--Erismatopterus NE12
         |    |--Lateopisciculus NE12
         |    `--Percopsis NE12
         |         |--P. omiscomaycus NE12
         |         `--P. transmontana B96
         `--Aphredoderoidei B96
              |--Aphredoderidae NE12
              |    |--Aphredoderus sayanus (Gilliams 1824) LD09 [=Scolopsis sayanus BS93]
              |    |    |--A. s. sayanus BS93
              |    |    `--A. s. gibbosus LeSueur 1833 BS93
              |    `--Trichophanes NE12
              |         |--T. foliarum NE12
              |         `--T. hians Cope 1872 P93
              `--Amblyopsidae [Amblyopsoidei] B96
                   |--Typhlichthys Girard 1859 TP86
                   |    `--T. subterraneus Girard 1859 TP86
                   |--Speoplatyrhinus Cooper & Kuehne 1974 TP86
                   |    `--S. poulsoni Cooper & Kuehne 1974 TP86
                   |--Amblyopsis de Kay 1842 TP86
                   |    |--A. rosae (Eigenmann 1898) TP86
                   |    `--A. spelaea de Kay 1842 TP86
                   `--Chologaster TP86
                        |--C. agassizi TP86
                        `--C. cornuta NE12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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