Lake Biwa giant catfish Silurus biwaensis, copyright Kenpei.

Belongs within: Siluriformes.

The Siluridae, sheatfishes, are an Old World group of catfishes in which the dorsal fin is small or absent and the adipose fin is absent (Bond 1996).

    |  i. s.: Wallagonia attu B96
    |         Wallago attu SLH06, DR72
    |         Hemisilurus moolenberghi SLH06
    |         Micronema apogon SLH06
    |         Kryptopterus minor SLH06
    |         Rita JR10
    |           |--R. manillensis JR10
    |           `--R. rita SLH06
    |--Callophysus [Callophysinae] F15
    |    `--C. macropterus F15
    |--Torpedo [Torpedininae] F15
    |    `--T. electricus F15
    |--Porcinae F15
    |    |--Porcus bajad F15
    |    |--Bagroides melapterus F15
    |    `--Hypselobagrus F15
    |         |--H. cavasius F15
    |         |--H. micracanthus F15
    |         `--H. nigriceps F15
    `--Silurinae F15
         |--Physailia villiersi Boulenger 1912 F15
         |--Ansorgia vittata Boulenger 1912 F15
         |--Pterocryptis F15
         |    |--P. anomala SLH06
         |    `--P. gangeticus F15
         |--Eutropius F15
         |    |--E. depressirostris F15
         |    `--E. seraoi Boulenger 1910 F15
         `--Silurus Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. anguillaris Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. ascita Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. asotus Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. aspredo Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. auritus CS77
              |--S. batrachus Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. biwaensis T90
              |--S. callichthys Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. cataphractus Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. catus Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. clarias Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. costatus Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. glanis Linnaeus 1758 SE08
              |--S. lithophilus T90
              |--S. militaris Linnaeus 1758 L58
              |--S. mystus Linnaeus 1758 L58
              `--S. undecimalis Linnaeus 1758 L58

*Type species of generic name indicated


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