Grey flag caddisfly Hydropsyche siltalai, copyright Janet Graham.

Belongs within: Hydropsychidae.

Hydropsyche is a cosmopolitan genus of caddisflies in which fore wings have crossveins M3+4-Cu1 and Cu1-Cu2 widely separated, and hind wings are apically narrow and have the median cell closed.

<==Hydropsyche Pictet 1834 BZ-M04
    |--H. acinoxas Malicky 1981 BZ-M04
    |--H. alternans R38
    |--H. ambigua BZ-M04
    |--H. amblis Ross 1938 R38
    |--H. angustipennis CS77
    |--H. brevis Mosely 1930 BZ-M04
    |--H. bulbifera McLachlan 1878 BZ-M04
    |--H. colonica PC66
    |--H. cuanis R38
    |--H. dinarica Marinkovic-Gospodnetic 1979 BZ-M04
    |--H. exocellata Duföur 1841 BZ-M04
    |--H. fontinalis Zamora-Muñoz & González 2002 BZ-M04
    |--H. iberomaroccana González & Malicky 1999 BZ-M04
    |--H. incognita Pitsch 1993 BZ-M04
    |--H. infernalis Schmid 1952 BZ-M04
    |--H. instabilis (Curtis 1834) BZ-M04
    |--H. orris Ross 1938 [=H. cornuta Ross 1938 non Martynov 1909] R38
    |--H. pellucidula (Curtis 1834) BZ-M04
    |--H. protis Ross 1938 R38
    |--H. siltalai Döhler 1963 BZ-M04
    |--H. tana R38
    `--H. tibialis McLachlan 1884 BZ-M04

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BZ-M04] Bonada, N., C. Zamora-Muñoz, M. Rieradevall & N. Prat. 2004. Trichoptera (Insecta) collected in Mediterranean river basins of the Iberian Peninsula: taxonomic remarks and notes on ecology. Graellsia 60 (1): 41–69.

[CS77] Cramp, S., & K. E. L. Simmons (eds) 1977. Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa: The Birds of the Western Palaearctic vol. 1. Ostrich to Ducks. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

[PC66] Pendergrast, J. G., & D. R. Cowley. 1966. An Introduction to New Zealand Freshwater Insects. Collins: Auckland.

[R38] Ross, H. H. 1938. Descriptions of new North American Trichoptera. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 40 (5): 117–124.

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