European eels Anguilla anguilla, copyright Dmitriy Konstantinov.

Belongs within: Anguilliformes.

The Anguilloidei are a group of eels in which the premaxillaries are fused with the mesethmoid to form a tooth-bearing bone at the front of the upper jaw (Bond 1996). They include the typical eels of the genus Anguilla, species of which spend the greater part of their post-larval life cycle in fresh water before returning to the oceans to breed.

Anguilloidei [Anguilloidea]
    |--Milananguilla [Milananguillidae] P93
    |    `--M. lehmani Blot 1978 P93
    |--Anguilloididae P93
    |    |--Anguilloides branchiostegalis (Eastman 1905) P93
    |    `--Veronanguilla ruffoi Blot 1978 P93
    |--Heterenchelyidae B96
    |    |--Heterenchelys [incl. Pythonichthys] B96
    |    |--Panturichthys B96
    |    `--Heterenchelyidarum richardsi Nolf 1988 P93
    |--Moringuidae [Ratabouridae] IM01
    |    |  i. s.: ‘Leptocephalus’ tuberculatus Castle 1965 C65
    |    |--Neoconger tuberculatus (Castle 1965) S99b
    |    |--Stilbiscus Jordan & Bollman 1889 [incl. Anguillichthys Mowbray 1927] C65
    |    |    `--S. bahamensis (Mowbray 1927) C65
    |    |--Aphthalmichthys M58
    |    |    |--A. bicolor (Kaup 1856) [=Moringua bicolor] M58
    |    |    |--A. floresiana (Weber & de Beaufort 1916) [=Moringua floresiana] M58
    |    |    |--A. macrocephalus Bleeker 1863 [=Moringua macrocephalus] M58
    |    |    `--A. macrochir (Bleeker 1855) [=Moringua macrochir] M58
    |    `--Moringua Gray 1831 TP86
    |         |--*M. raitaborua Ham-Buch. 1822 S62
    |         |--M. abbreviata (Bleeker 1863) TP86 [=Aphthalmichthys abbreviatus M58]
    |         |--‘Leptocephalus’ diptychus Eigenmann & Kennedy 1900 C65
    |         |--M. edwardsi IM01
    |         |--M. javanica (Kaup 1856) TP86 [=Aphthalmichthys javanicus M58]
    |         |--M. lumbricoidea JR10
    |         |--M. microchir Bleeker 1853 S62 [=Aphthalmichthys microchir M58; incl. M. ferruginea Bliss 1883 S62]
    |         `--M. raitaborua Hamilton-Buchanan 1822 C65
    `--Anguillidae IM01
         |--Eoanguilla leptoptera (Agassiz 1835) P93
         `--Anguilla IM01
              |--A. amboinensis JR10
              |--A. anguilla (Linnaeus 1758) SE08
              |--A. annosa Stinton 1975 P93
              |--A. australis Richardson 1841 S99a
              |--A. bengalensis CS77
              |--A. bicolor McClelland 1844 S99a
              |    |--A. b. bicolor AC90
              |    `--A. b. pacifica Schmidt 1932 AC90
              |--A. celebesensis Kaup 1856 (see below for synonymy) M58
              |--A. chrysypa D56
              |--A. dieffenbachii WH02
              |--A. ignota G88
              |--A. interioris Whitley 1938 S99a
              |--A. japonica Temminck & Schlegel 1846 S99a
              |--A. malgumora Schlegel in Kaup 1846 [incl. A. borneensis] S99a
              |--A. manillensis JR10
              |--A. marmorata Quoy & Gaimard 1824 AC90
              |--A. mauritiania Bennett 1831 [=Muraena mauritiania; incl. A. labiata Weber 1908] M58
              |--A. megastoma Kaup 1856 S99a
              |--A. obscura Günther 1871 M58
              |--A. pachyura G88
              |--A. reinhardtii Steindachner 1867 M58
              |--A. rostrata (LeSueur 1817) ST02 [incl. A. texana Günther 1870 F16]
              |--A. spengeli Weber 1912 M58
              `--A. vulgaris B96

Inorganic: Anguilla japonica minilorientalis Okamura 1987 O87

Anguilla celebesensis Kaup 1856 [=Muraena celebesensis; incl. A. aneitensis Macleay 1880, A. otaheitensis Günther 1910] M58

*Type species of generic name indicated


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