Blackmouth bass Synagrops bellus, copyright NOAA.

Belongs within: Acanthomorphata.
Contains: Eleotridae, Butidae, Gobionellidae, Gobiidae, Amia, Apogoninae.

The Gobiomorpharia are a diverse clade of fishes united by the presence of sensory papillae rows on the head and body, and by the production of adhesive eggs (Thacker 2009). In the nurseryfish Kurtus gulliveri, these eggs are attached in a cluster to a hook protruding from the supraoccipital of males.

Gobiomorpharia B-RB13
    |--Gobiiformes [Gobioidea, Gobioidei] B-RB13
    |    |  i. s.: Chasmichthys B96
    |    |         Chaparrudo flavescens CS77
    |    |         Pirskenius [Pirskeniidae] G88
    |    |           `--P. diatomaceus Obrhelova 1961 P93
    |    |         Yongeichthys MWW89
    |    |           |--Y. caninus (Cuvier & Valenciennes 1837) GM90
    |    |           |--Y. criniger (Cuvier & Valenciennes 1837) GM90
    |    |           `--Y. tomasi MWW89
    |    |--+--Eleotridae B-RB13
    |    |  `--+--Butidae T09
    |    |     `--+--Gobionellidae T09
    |    |        `--Gobiidae B-RB13
    |    `--+--Rhyacichthyidae T11
    |       |    |--Protogobius T11
    |       |    |--Terateleotris T11
    |       |    `--Rhyacichthys Boulenger 1901 T09, H27 (see below for synonymy)
    |       |         `--R. aspro (Kuhl & van Hasselt in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1836) H27 (see below for synonymy)
    |       `--Odontobutidae [Odontobutoidei] B-RB13
    |            |  i. s.: Micropercops T11
    |            |--Milyeringa Whitley 1945 T09, TP86
    |            |    |--M. justitia Larson, Humphreys & Stevens 2013 HA13
    |            |    `--M. veritas Whitley 1945 TP86
    |            `--+--Percottus glenni Dybowski 1877 T09, SE08
    |               `--Odontobutis Bleeker 1874 T09, H27
    |                    |--O. obscura (Schlegel 1847) [=Eleotris obscura, O. obscurus] H27
    |                    `--O. potamophila T09
    `--Kurtiformes B-RB13
         |--Kurtus T09 [Kurtidae B-RB13, Kurtoidei]
         |    |--K. gulliveri [=Cyrtus gulliveri] RD-O86
         |    `--K. indicus ND13
         `--Apogonidae [Apogonichthyidae, Apogonoidei, Chilodipteridae] B-RB13
              |  i. s.: Phaeoptyx ND13
              |           |--P. conklini M83
              |           `--P. pigmentaria ND13
              |         Zoramia graeffii (Günther 1873) [=Apogon graeffii; incl. Amia nematacantha Fowler 1931] M58
              |         Yarica hyalosoma (Bleeker 1852) (see below for synonymy) M58
              |         Aspiscis bandanensis (Bleeker 1854) [=Apogon bandanensis] M58
              |         Gronovichthys G75
              |           |--G. atripes [incl. Amia nigripes] G75
              |           `--G. aureus G75
              |         Glossamia AC90
              |           |--G. aprion (Richardson 1842) [=Apogon aprion] M58
              |           |    |--G. a. aprion G75
              |           |    `--G. a. gilli G75
              |           |--G. gjellerupi (Weber & de Beaufort 1929) (see below for synonymy) AC90
              |           `--G. wichmanni AC90
              |         Kurtamia T09
              |         Cercamia eremia (Allen 1987) MM09
              |         Astrapogon stellatus ND13
              |         Amia JR10
              |         Mionorus JR10
              |           |--M. glaga JR10
              |           `--M. mydrus Jordan & Seale 1905 JR10
              |         Apogonidarum weinbergeri Sieber & Weinfurter 1967 P93
              |         Apogonops Ogilby 1896 O96
              |           `--*A. anomalus Ogilby 1896 O96
              |--Apogoninae S61
              |--Siphamia Weber 1909 [Siphamiinae] S61
              |    |--*S. tubifer Weber 1909 S61
              |    |--S. argyrogaster (Weber 1856) [=Apogon argyrogaster] M58
              |    `--S. mossambica Smith 1955 S61
              |--Synagropinae S61
              |    |--Bentuviaichthys Smith 1961 S61
              |    |    `--*B. nigrimentum Smith 1961 S61
              |    `--Synagrops Gunther 1887 S61 [incl. Parascombrops R13]
              |         |--*S. japonicus (Steindachner & Doederlein 1884) (see below for synonymy) S61
              |         |--S. bellus SC07
              |         |--S. microlepis S61
              |         `--S. philippinensis (Gunther 1880) (see below for synonymy) S61
              `--Pseudamiinae S61
                   |--Pseudamia Bleeker 1865 S61
                   |    |--*P. polystigma (Bleeker 1859) [=Cheilodipterus polystigma] S61
                   |    `--P. gelatinosa Smith 1955 S61
                   |--Pseudamiops Smjith 1954 [incl. Lachneria Smith 1954] S61
                   |    |--*P. pellucidus Smith 1954 S61
                   |    `--P. gracilicauda (Lachner 1953) [=Gymnapogon gracilicauda, *Lachneria gracilicauda] S61
                   `--Gymnapogon Regan 1905 S61
                        |--*G. japonicus Regan 1905 S61
                        `--G. africanus Smith 1954 S61

Glossamia gjellerupi (Weber & de Beaufort 1929) [=Apogon gjellerupi; incl. A. abo Herre 1936] AC90

Rhyacichthys Boulenger 1901 T09, H27 [incl. Platyptera Kuhl & Van Hasselt in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1836 non Meigen 1803 H27]

Rhyacichthys aspro (Kuhl & van Hasselt in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1836) H27 [=Platyptera aspro M58; incl. Rhiacichthys novaeguineae Boulenger 1903 M58, P. sinensis Bleeker 1873 H27]

*Synagrops japonicus (Steindachner & Doederlein 1884) [=Melanostoma japonicum; incl. S. natalensis Gilchrist 1922] S61

Synagrops philippinensis (Gunther 1880) [=Acropoma philippinensis; incl. S. malayanus Weber 1913] S61

Yarica hyalosoma (Bleeker 1852) [=Apogon hyalosoma; incl. A. armatus Thiollière 1857, A. thermalis Duncker & Mohr 1931] M58

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 9 February 2022.

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