Ranawara Senna auriculata, copyright J. M. Garg.

Belongs within: Fabales.

Senna is a pantropical genus of legumes includes herbs, shrubs and trees, most of which produce bright yellow flowers.

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Perennial, shrub, tree, unarmed or spines weak. Leaves even-1-pinnate, alternate; stipules sometimes small or ephemeral; leaflets 2–10 (18) pairs. Inflorescence a raceme or panicle, axillary or terminal. Flowers generally slightly bilateral, generally showy; sepals more or less free; petals free, generally yellow; stamens free, 7 fertile, 3 sterile, anthers generally larger than filaments, opening by terminal pores. Fruits dehiscent or not. Seeds few to many.

<==Senna G04
    |--S. acclina B00
    |--S. aciphylla B00
    |--S. alata LK14
    |--S. armata [=Cassia armata] H93
    |--S. artemisioides G04
    |    |--S. a. ssp. artemisioides G04
    |    |--S. a. ssp. filifolia G04
    |    |--S. a. ssp. helmsii EF04
    |    |--S. a. ssp. oligophylla EF04
    |    `--S. a. ssp. × sturtii MLP09
    |--S. auriculata PP07
    |--S. barclayana B00
    |--S. bicapsulatus H06
    |--S. chateliana KM08
    |--S. coriaceae B00
    |--S. coronilloides B00
    |--S. corymbosa H06
    |--S. covesii [=Cassia covesii] H93
    |--S. didymobotrya H06
    |--S. glutinosa EF04
    |    |--S. g. ssp. glutinosa EF04
    |    `--S. g. ssp. pruinosa EF04
    |--S. goniodes LK14
    |--S. hirsuta H06
    |--S. leptoclada B00
    |--S. ligustrina J87
    |--S. magnifolia B00
    |--S. marksiana B00
    |--S. multiglandulosa [incl. Cassia tomentosa] H93
    |--S. nemophila B00
    |--S. notabilis LK14
    |--S. obtusifolia PP07
    |--S. occidentalis PP07
    |--S. odorata B00
    |--S. oligoclada G14
    |--S. pendula H06
    |    |--S. p. var. pendula H06
    |    `--S. p. var. glabrata H06
    |--S. petiolaris B00
    |--S. planitiicola LK14
    |--S. pleurocarpa G04
    |--S. queenslandica B00
    |--S. reticulata B14
    |--S. retusa B00
    |--S. septemtrionalis H06
    |--S. sericea MLP09
    |--S. siamea B00
    |--S. surattensis LK14
    |    |--S. s. ssp. surattensis LK14
    |    `--S. s. ssp. sulfurea LK14
    |--S. symonii LK14
    |--S. timoriensis LK14
    |--S. tora J07
    `--S. venusta LK14

*Type species of generic name indicated


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