Hairy beggarticks Bidens pilosa, copyright Prenn.

Belongs within: Asteroideae.

The Coreopsideae are a group of composite plants in which the disk-achenes are more or less dorsally compressed and the receptacular scales are flattish (Black & Robertson 1965).

Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965, as Coreopsidinae): Heads bisexual, heterogamous-radiate; receptacle with chaffy, flattish scales; corolla present in both sexes; anthers united, obtuse at base; style-branches flattish, not truncate; disk-achenes more or less dorsally compressed.

<==Coreopsideae [Coreopsidinae]
    |--Dahlia pinnata N10, MH98
    |--Glossogyne BR65
    |    |--G. hennedyi Br. 1883 A61
    |    `--G. tenuifolia BR65
    |--Coreopsis H06
    |    |--C. bigelovii H93
    |    |--C. californica H93
    |    |--C. calliopsidea H93
    |    |--C. douglasii H93
    |    |--C. gigantea H93
    |    |--C. grandiflora I92
    |    |--C. hamiltonii H93
    |    |--C. lanceolata H06
    |    |--C. maritima H93
    |    |--C. nuecensis G84
    |    |--C. nuecensoides G84
    |    |--C. stillmanii H93
    |    |--C. tinctoria [incl. C. atkinsoniana] H93
    |    `--C. wrightii [=C. basalis var. wrightii] H93
    `--Bidens Linnaeus 1753 BR65, A61
         |--B. alba ACW01
         |--B. aurantiacus Colenso 1895 A61
         |--B. bipinnata C55b
         |--B. biternata PP07
         |--B. cernua C55a
         |--B. frondosa MH98
         |--B. hendersonensis SJP60
         |    |--B. h. var. hendersonensis SJP60
         |    `--B. h. var. oenoensis SJP60
         |--B. laevis H93
         |--B. leucantha C55b
         |--B. pilosa Linnaeus 1753 A61
         |--B. tripartita [incl. B. connata var. petiolata] H93
         `--B. vulgata H93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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