Hairy beggarticks Bidens pilosa, copyright Prenn.

Belongs within: Asteroideae.

The Coreopsideae are a group of composite plants in which the disk-achenes are more or less dorsally compressed and the receptacular scales are flattish (Black & Robertson 1965). Members include the genus Bidens, beggarticks, whose species typically bear bristly and barbed fruits adapted for dispersal by sticking to animal fur or feathers (and clothing).

Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965, as Coreopsidinae): Heads bisexual, heterogamous-radiate; receptacle with chaffy, flattish scales; corolla present in both sexes; anthers united, obtuse at base; style-branches flattish, not truncate; disk-achenes more or less dorsally compressed.

<==Coreopsideae [Coreopsidinae]
    |--Dahlia pinnata N10, MH98
    |--Glossogyne BR65
    |    |--G. hennedyi Br. 1883 A61
    |    `--G. tenuifolia BR65
    |--Coreopsis N10
    |    |--C. bigelovii H93
    |    |--C. californica H93
    |    |--C. calliopsidea H93
    |    |--C. douglasii H93
    |    |--C. gigantea H93
    |    |--C. grandiflora I92
    |    |--C. hamiltonii H93
    |    |--C. lanceolata H06
    |    |--C. maritima H93
    |    |--C. nuecensis G84
    |    |--C. nuecensoides G84
    |    |--C. stillmanii H93
    |    |--C. tinctoria [incl. C. atkinsoniana] H93
    |    `--C. wrightii [=C. basalis var. wrightii] H93
    |--Cosmos HGT96
    |    |--C. bipinnatus MH98
    |    |--C. caudatus BBO01
    |    `--C. sulphureus H93
    `--Bidens Linnaeus 1753 N10, A61
         |--B. alba ACW01
         |--B. aurantiacus Colenso 1895 A61
         |--B. bipinnata C55b
         |--B. biternata PP07
         |--B. cernua C55a
         |--B. frondosa MH98
         |--B. hendersonensis SJP60
         |    |--B. h. var. hendersonensis SJP60
         |    `--B. h. var. oenoensis SJP60
         |--B. laevis H93
         |--B. leucantha C55b
         |--B. pilosa Linnaeus 1753 A61
         |--B. tripartita [incl. B. connata var. petiolata] H93
         `--B. vulgata H93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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