African senna Cassia didymobotrya, copyright Forest & Kim Starr.

Belongs within: Fabales.

Cassia is a tropical genus of trees and large shrubs producing elongate, indehiscent fruits.

Characters (from Flora of China): Trees or large shrubs. Leaves spirally arranged, often distichous, abruptly pinnate; rachis and petioles without glands; leaflets opposite, without stipels. Flowers in terminal panicles on main shoots or racemes on short side shoots; pedicels with 2 bracteoles at or shortly above base. Calyx 5-merous; sepals reflexed at anthesis. Corolla zygomorphic; petals 5. Stamens 10; filaments of 3 abaxial antesepalous stamens sigmoidally curved, usually longer than their anthers, dehiscent by slits; remaining 7 filaments straight and short, with anthers mostly dehiscent by basal pores. Legume elongate, cylindric or compressed, indehiscent. Seeds numerous, 1- or 2-seriate; funicle filiform.

    |--C. absus P03
    |--C. alata BB07
    |--C. aphylla S00
    |--C. auriculata RS02
    |--C. brewsteri B00
    |--C. chamaechrista A37
    |--C. circinata M65
    |--C. crotolarioides BTA75
    |--C. didymobotrya B00
    |--C. fistula P03
    |--C. grandis B14
    |--C. javanica B00
    |--C. kleinii SR07
    |--C. leschenaultiana P88
    |--C. mimosoides P03
    |--C. nigricans HK98
    |--C. obtusifolia C55
    |--C. occidentalis M65
    |    |--C. o. var. occidentalis M65
    |    `--C. o. var. schinifolia M65
    |--C. pleurocarpa C16
    |--C. senna B-L97
    |--C. tomentella B00
    |--C. tora BB07
    `--C. venusta Z94

*Type species of generic name indicated


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