Blue panchax Aplocheilus panchax, copyright Sahat Ratmuangkhwang.

Belongs within: Atherinomorpha.
Contains: Cyprinodontidae, Fundulidae, Poeciliidae.

The Cyprinodontiformes, killifishes and related forms, are a cosmopolitan group of small fishes usually found in estuarine or marine environments (Bond 1996). Members include the four-eyed fishes of the Anablepidae, in which the pupil is divided between an upper and a lower section to enable simultaneous vision above and below the water line. The Aplocheilidae of tropical Asia and Madagascar have the pelvic fin bases inserted close together and a black blotch is present on the dorsal fin of females.

Characters (from Bond 1996): Soft-rayed physoclists with abdominal pelvic fins. Single dorsal fin set behind middle of body. Caudal fin with varying number of rays, never forked. Orbitosphenoid, mesocoracoid, and basisphenoid absent; maxillaries excluded from border of mouth by premaxillaries. Lateral line canal system incomplete or not well formed on head and body.

Cyprinodontiformes [Microcyprini]
    |--Aplocheilidae [Aplocheilinae, Aplocheiloidei] B-RB13
    |    |--Fundulopanchax B96
    |    |--Aphiosemion B96
    |    |--Epiplatys B96
    |    |--Pachypanchax playfairii B96, ND13
    |    `--Aplocheilus L91
    |         |--A. latipes L91
    |         `--A. panchax CS77
    `--Cyprinodontoidei B-RB13
         |  i. s.: Profundulus B96 [Profundulidae B-RB13]
         |           `--P. hildebrandi B96
         |         Valencia B96 [Valenciidae B-RB13]
         |           `--V. hispanica B96
         |         Anablepidae B-RB13
         |           |--Jenynsia [Jenynsiidae] B96
         |           |    `--J. multidentata (Jenyns 1842) MGV06
         |           `--Anableps LD09
         |                |--A. anableps (Linnaeus 1758) LD09 [incl. A. tetrophthalmus Günther 1866 F16]
         |                `--A. microleps Müller & Troschel 1844 PC01
         |         Goodeidae B-RB13
         |           |  i. s.: Tapatia occidentalis Alvarez & Arriola 1972 P93
         |           |--Goodeinae B96
         |           `--Empetrichthyinae B96
         |                |--Crenichthys B96
         |                `--Empetrichthys B96
         |                     |--E. erdisi G88
         |                     |--E. latos USDI77
         |                     |    |--E. l. latos D81
         |                     |    |--E. l. concavus D81
         |                     |    `--E. l. pahrump D81
         |                     `--E. merriami D81
         |         Nothobranchius B96 [Nothobranchiidae B-RB13]
         |           `--N. rachowi B96
         |         Rivulidae B-RB13
         |           |--Pterolebias B96
         |           |--Cynolebias B96
         |           `--Rivulus R88
         |                |--R. cylindraceus R88
         |                |--R. garciai R88
         |                |--R. harti [=Haplochilus harti; incl. R. micropus Günther 1866] F16
         |                |--R. heyei R88
         |                |--R. insulaepinorum R88
         |                |--R. isthmensis F15
         |                |--R. marmoratus R86
         |                `--R. roloffi R88
         |--Cyprinodontidae ND13
         `--+--Fundulidae ND13
            `--Poeciliidae ND13

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 9 February 2022.

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