Ochthebius sp., copyright Guy A. Hanley.

Belongs within: Staphylinoidea.

The Hydraenidae are a group of small beetles generally characterised by maxillary palps as long as or longer than their antennae with the antennae usually bearing a five-segmented club. Adults and larvae mostly graze on micro-algae and other organic matter on wet surfaces.

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Small with relatively inconspicuous antennae, often concealed within grooves beneath head and cavities between prostemum and pronotal hypomera, and well-developed maxillary palps which may be as long as or longer than antennae; antennae eight- or nine-segmented with five- or six-segmented club, segment preceding club usually forming cupule; fore coxae transverse or globular, trochantins exposed, fore coxal cavities externally and internally open or closed; mid coxal cavities narrowly to moderately separated, laterally open; tarsi pentamerous or tetramerous; abdomen with six or seven ventrites, none connate. Larvae usually elongate, campodeiform, with well-developed legs, articulated urogomphi, and pair of hooks on segment 10.

Hydraenidae [Limnebiidae]
    |  i. s.: Ochtebiites minor Ponomarenko 1985 RJ93
    |--Hydraeninae B14
    |    |--Limnebiini P01
    |    |    |--Laeliaena Sahlberg 1900 P01
    |    |    `--Limnebius Leach 1915 P01
    |    |         |--L. discolor P01
    |    |         `--L. piceus P01
    |    `--Hydraenini P01
    |         |--Adelphydraena P01
    |         `--Hydraena Kugelann 1794 P01
    |              |  i. s.: H. anisonycha Perkins 1980 B14
    |              |         H. luridipennis LB91
    |              |         H. riparia L02
    |              `--H. (Hydraena) F05
    |                   |--H. (H.) gavarrensis Jäch, Díaz & Martinoy 2005 F05
    |                   `--H. (H.) marinae Castro 2004 F05
    `--Ochthebiinae B14
         |  i. s.: Tympanogaster LB91
         |         Hughleechia giulianii LB91
         |         Meropathus zealandicus Ordish 1984 LB91, E02
         `--Ochthebiini P01
              |--Neochthebius Orchymont 1932 P01
              |    `--N. vandykei P01
              |--Enicocerus Stephens 1829 P01
              |    `--E. benefossus P01
              |--Gymnochthebius Orchymont 1943 P01
              |    |--G. laevipennis P01
              |    |--G. maureenae P01
              |    `--G. nitidus P01
              `--Ochthebius Leach 1815 P01
                   |--O. arenicolus P01
                   |--O. aztecus Sharp 1887 B14
                   |--O. bisinuatus P01
                   |--O. californicus P01
                   |--O. discretus P01
                   |--O. gruwelli P01
                   |--O. lejolisi PP64
                   |--O. lineatus P01
                   |--O. marinus [=Elophorus marinus] G89
                   |--O. puncticollis P01
                   `--O. subinteger PP64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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